The Lying Liar Who Yelled “You Lie!”

It seems that Rep. Joe Wilson (the Republican “heckler” from South Carolina) has always been something of a “dumbass” (to use Joe Scarborough’s description), as shown here falsely asserting in 2002 that the U.S. never gave Saddam Hussein “the ability for chemical and biological weapons,” (which they most certainly did), preferring instead to suggest that anyone disagreeing with him was possessed by an irrational “hatred of America.”


10 Replies to “The Lying Liar Who Yelled “You Lie!””

  1. contributions to his opponent have gone up in the last 24. then again, so have his own, but i believe miller’s are outpacing wilson’s.


  2. It’s a safe Republican seat, and this will be old hat by next year’s election. The lefties are throwing money at a lost cause.

    Americans are so sensitive and uptight about this whole thing. I’ve heard worse heckling in the Canadian House of Commons.

  3. from what i understand, “liar” get’s you booted.

    Yes it does. Also, if an MP were to heckle the Chief of State during a throne speech (which is sort of what a Presidential address is), that MP would be gettin’ a real whuppin’.

  4. Wow.

    But hey, there’s now a line of t-shirts that read “I’m with Joe!” or some such thing.

    He’s been elevated to the status of folk hero amongst the teabaggers and 9/12 Beckites.

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