Draining the Fever Swamps

Conservative blogger John Henke discusses his efforts to undermine the influence of the extreme right-wing website World Net Daily.

It should be interesting to see how badly mauled this guy gets by the radical right for his troubles.

Regarding Maddow’s first question about what to call the latest faction of nutty right-wing conspiracy theorists who believe that a proposal to beef up relief efforts during natural disasters is actually a secret plan to set up “concentration camps for political dissidents, such as occurred in Nazi Germany” — how about “FEMA Campers”? Seems like a natural to me.

Land of the Czars


Fox “News” has been relentlessly beating the “Czar” drum for several months now, basically ever since the Obama administration started filling some of the more obscure positions within the government. For example, here’s Neil Cavuto from back in June:

If we change the name of the czar to something that resonated more true to what they are, let’s say evil despots accountable to no one, don’t you think if you said look, we have 15 evil despots accountable to no one, don’t you think people would go “what the hell?”

So it was long overdue that someone finallly set the record straight on what the nature of these “Czars” really is:

By the way, back in the Bush administration, Bill O’Reilly actually called for the appointment of an “immigration czar,” as well as a “charity czar” and a “disaster relief victims family czar.” Now why would he have wanted an “evil despot” to oversee charity?