Open Season on Michael Moore

A Fox “News” anchor Brian Sullivan and guest critic Tom Tancredo viciously attack Michael Moore and his new film — which both men admit to not having seen. Brilliant.

In the interview Moore is referred to as, and I quote: a goofball, a sycophant, stupid, a hypocrite, and a freaky guy. Gee, I thought that “conservatives” didn’t engage in childish name-calling… at least, that’s what they’re always telling me. Could it be that with regards to this assertion, as with so many others, they’re completely full of shit?

5 Replies to “Open Season on Michael Moore”

  1. I wonder if Moore actually says “Capitalism is evil” in the movie. That doesn’t sound like the sort of thing he’d say, but it does get me thinking.

    I’m pretty sure that, by most definitions of “good” and “evil” (i.e. altruistic vs selfish), truly free-market capitalism probably *is* evil because it is entirely selfish and counts on the magic of the market to convert selfishness in to utopia.

  2. I kind of doubt that he says that, although not having seen the movie either, I couldn’t say for sure. However, that didn’t stop the Fox News anchor from saying that he “believed” it was in the film or that he “may” have said something to that effect at the opening.

    Great research and reporting there by America’s “fair and balanced” source for news.

  3. Tancredo has quite the resume, but I think this sentence summarizes it very well:

    In July, when Tancredo proposed that America respond to any future terrorist attack by bombing Mecca and other holy sites, John Podhoretz, writing on the National Review’s website, said: “Tom Tancredo is an idiot.”


  4. By the way, it turns out the quote in question (from the film) is: “Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil.”

    I’d have to say that within the context of the film (dealing with the economic crash, from Wall Street to K Street) he may well have a point.

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