Obama’s Subversive Commie Speech

The horror, the horror…

No wonder the right-wingnuts wanted to shield their precious offspring from this loathsome, un-American, Communistic propaganda!

p.s. Can you imagine our Prime Minister giving a speech like this?

Update: Arghhhhh!!!

Republican “strategist” Joe Watkins suggests that President Obama is too overwhelmingly charismatic for parents to compete with and may mesmerize them into questioning their parents about controversial topics such as gay marriage. Oy.


6 Replies to “Obama’s Subversive Commie Speech”

  1. I’m a commie. I don’t understand why the US is still so McCarthy about this. Socialism works in Europe, you know…

  2. I laughed when I heard one of the other guest (or host) ask “What?” under their breath in the background while he was talking about adults having the ability to discern between right and wrong and not being bamboozled by hearing a gifted, charismatic President.

    “What?” is right. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him tap dance. Why can’t people be called out on their “just beyond Pluto” statements like this more often?

    The worst is how the US media now regular prop up some “regular joe . . . or jill” in the studio after they are caught throwing slurs or brandishing a gun at a town hall. They proceed toa give them full forum for their views no matter how false and/or wacky, treating them with kid-gloves and lobbing soft-ball questions their way . . . “Why do you fear the health care reforms?”

    I assume they rationalize that they can’t really confront them because the folks aren’t “media savvy” or saying they just want to give the audience a sense of the discontent up close and personal.

    Nah, couldn’t be a Geraldo ratings strategy, couldn’t be that.

    If I ever go on TV and start advocating that aliens are controlling the PM, I hope the host has the stones to confront me . . . while the studio calls for the orderlies to bring up another straight-jacket ;).

    You couldn’t write a parody that would capture the inanity of US “discourse” right now. It would be easier to just run the media tape out their now in a continuous loop.

  3. Get a load of Karl Rove lying is ass off on Fox News this morning:

    The lesson plan didn’t include anything about writing letters to the president (although the original DoE curriculum did say that students could write letters to themselves, as if they were writing it to the president…).

    Also, it’s noted that George H.W. Bush specifically DID ask kids to write him letters. But I guess that was completely different and not in anyway nefarious as Rove seems to be suggesting here.

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