No More Mr. Nice Guy

Bill Moyers’ thoughts on President Obama and his plan for health reform.

“No one’s ever conquered Washington politics by constantly saying ‘pretty please’ to the guys trying to cut your throat.”

By the way, the excellent essay (“Living in a Culture of Cruelty: Democracy as Spectacle”) by Henry Giroux that Moyers references is a must read.



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6 responses to “No More Mr. Nice Guy

  1. benalbanach

    Difficult to accept that there are folks down there who would listen to Glenn Beck rather than Bill Moyers.
    Wish he’d move up here.

  2. benalbanach

    Bill, that is.

  3. Okhropir rumiani

    Nah, they need him there. Moyers and Beck just drive home the point how diverse and often polarized the U.S. is.

    Bill Moyers is absolutely right: It’s time for a little hardball. There are people with whom negotiation just isn’t possible. Obama needs to just push through all the screaming and lies and ride it out to calmer seas. But if he doesn’t get it right the trouble won’t end.

  4. Tomm

    Bill Moyers is a sane voice in an insane debate.

    If Obama calls the pharmalobby’s bluff, they will fold like a Canadian Tire tent.

    I had one in a rainstorm once, so I know from whence I speak.

    The bought Congressman and Senator’s will immediately have amnesia and pretend that they always wanted a plan with a government managed option.

  5. Okhropir rumiani

    I think you’re right, Tomm; did Pfizer even apeal it’s 2.3 billion dollar fine? It did look like they folded.

  6. benalbanach

    Pfizer…The tent may have folded but they still have the pole.

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