Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet?

From Liberal Video: “Michael addresses a huge crow [sic] of supporters in Surrey, B.C.” Hmmm. I wonder if a “crow of supporters” is like a gang of elk or a flock of sheep?

Anyway, let’s hope that unfortunately titled BTO tune doesn’t become standard fare for the campaign.

Any love is good love
So I took what I could get, yes, I took what I could get…

Obama’s Subversive Commie Speech

The horror, the horror…

No wonder the right-wingnuts wanted to shield their precious offspring from this loathsome, un-American, Communistic propaganda!

p.s. Can you imagine our Prime Minister giving a speech like this?

Update: Arghhhhh!!!

Republican “strategist” Joe Watkins suggests that President Obama is too overwhelmingly charismatic for parents to compete with and may mesmerize them into questioning their parents about controversial topics such as gay marriage. Oy.

Open Season on Michael Moore

A Fox “News” anchor Brian Sullivan and guest critic Tom Tancredo viciously attack Michael Moore and his new film — which both men admit to not having seen. Brilliant.

In the interview Moore is referred to as, and I quote: a goofball, a sycophant, stupid, a hypocrite, and a freaky guy. Gee, I thought that “conservatives” didn’t engage in childish name-calling… at least, that’s what they’re always telling me. Could it be that with regards to this assertion, as with so many others, they’re completely full of shit?

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Bill Moyers’ thoughts on President Obama and his plan for health reform.

“No one’s ever conquered Washington politics by constantly saying ‘pretty please’ to the guys trying to cut your throat.”

By the way, the excellent essay (“Living in a Culture of Cruelty: Democracy as Spectacle”) by Henry Giroux that Moyers references is a must read.