Head Hunting

Given the Obama administration sheepishly abandoned Van Jones to the wolves, it will likely only serve to embolden the lunatic fringe of the right-wing (or as it’s better known these days, “the mainstream of the Republican Party”) to step up their relentless attacks on all of Obama’s appointees.

I would wager that Cass Sunstein, head of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, will be the next target for personal destruction by the right-wing noise machine.

Maybe we should start a “dead pool” for so-called czars.



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6 responses to “Head Hunting

  1. Iciu

    Any idea why the Americans have borrowed an imperial russian term for this kind of leadership/managerial positions? Do they have the feeling the term is a very popular and respected one in Russia or anywhere else?
    As to embodlening the right wing shrill with this… don’t thnk it makes any difference, it’s not like they are known for being reasonable and adjuting their stance based on reality… I don’t see this as a problem that way, I find it more discouraging in terms of eliminating anybody that made it into the administration that is not already firmly anchored right of center… from this point of view, it looks like the Democrats are actually happy with the right wing noise machine, it seems to be helping the true power core in the Democratic Party.

  2. Apparently, the ‘czar’ title was first used to refer to an appointed government official in a Time Magazine article in December 1973, referring to William E. Simon’s appointment as the head of the Federal Energy Administration. I have no idea why it was selected in the first place or seemed to catch on…

  3. Joseph

    Obama didn’t come up with the term. I first recall hearing it with the “Drug Czars” of the “War on Drugs” Reagan era. But it’s a fairly common (though admittedly bizarre) term in the US.

    But you’re probably on to something . . . I’m sure the tea-baggers will forget all that (if they ever knew) and latch onto the same rhetoric that Obama is such a Stalinist that he is appointing Czars in direct repudiation of the Constitution.

  4. Dillon

    I agree with John Cole , who writes that wingnuts already crank up the faux outrage to 11 on each and every topic. The Van Jones resignation doesn’t change that dynamic.

  5. LOL

    I think you fail to realize how these guys think. Nothing makes them feel emboldened or empowered- they had all three branches of government for most of the 2000 era, and they were permanent victims of Ted Kennedy. They got everything they wanted but it was the liberals and the media who were causing the setbacks in Iraq. Feeling emboldened because they got a scalp might seem logical and reasonable, but we are not dealing with rational actors. We are dealing with crazy people. Even if Jones did not step down, they would be behaving the same exact way, BECAUSE THEY ARE CRAZY PEOPLE.


  6. hitfan

    I for one was hoping that Van Jones would stay — if only for the fact that having this radical in the Obama administration would be a sure vote getter for the Republicans.

    Obama threw Van Jones under the bus in the same manner that he did to Jeremiah Wright — he was a political liability and no way would Barack defend him.

    Obama made a mistake when he publicly defended Henry Louis Gates in the incident with the police. As it turns out, Gates was a jerk who immediately played the race card when approached by a cop (who happened to be a Democratic voter) looking to ascertain the report of a break-in. The “beer summit” was a way for Obama to save face.

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