Be the Cult

I pledge to laugh at anyone who pledges “to be a servant to [their] president.”

Surely there are better ways of summoning the “new spirit of responsibility” Obama called for in his campaign than this. It’s just downright creepy.

Perhaps a public service announcement where executives of Bank of America, AIG, Goldman-Sachs, Aetna, Wellpoint, et. al. make similar resolutions. “I pledge to stop raping and pillaging the Treasury at taxpayers expense” or “I pledge not to rescind medical coverage and drive hundreds of thousands of sick people into bankruptcy”… you know, that sort of thing.



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21 responses to “Be the Cult

  1. hemmingforddogblog

    The CEOs wouldn’t be able to do it without cracking up. Sad fact…

    I find people that put their hand over their heart and recite something in a monotone, very creepy. Almost like a cult…

  2. Iciu

    I agree, “serving the President” part killed anything of value in the whole clip, the “patriotism” reference right at the beginning was pretty creepy too…
    And yes, for most CEOs to make pledges of the kind you mentioned, even just in their own minds or hearts… practically impossible after decades spent rationalizing all the fucked up views and actions they had to make out of total confusion in which greed and ignorance acted as strong reference points…

    It’s probably best if they don’t try and promote this clip in any way… leave it under the we tried but did not quite work out projects… letting go, pretty powerful orientation of mind…

  3. Thank be to God that Canada remains a Monarchy – for now …

  4. Is it just me or did the last ten seconds actually sound a little like,

    “We are the Borg. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”

  5. Iciu

    PR: would not go that far but overall, a somewhat decent mesagge/idea got drowned by 3-4 completely assinine references… and the “pledge” noun just does not sound right, IMHO, a very poor choice… but explainable through 12 years of recitation of that Pledge of Allegiance (it’s till on down there, right?) for most Americans… got to the point of not even noticing how stupid a notion “patriotism” is…

    “who is the “us” that you think the “borg” is referring to? In other words, in your analogy, who is the “borg”?

  6. i appreciate the underlying sentiment, but that’s some pretty maudlin stuff.

    i’ll always give eva a pass, though….


  7. you’re wearing you tinfoil hat a little too tightly, there, twats.


  8. Who ever said that patriotism is stupid?

    Patriotism in the absence of critical thinking about your country, perhaps. Few things could be so foolish as the steadfast belief that one’s country is perfect.

    But there’s a difference — a huge difference — between pledging allegiance to one’s country (as in the pledge of allegiance) and pledging oneself to be the servant of a political leader.

    That being said, the Borg reference was actually a joke. No one’s shocked that flew right over Kevron‘s head.

  9. mine was a joke, too, twats. no wonder, it flew right over your foil-wrapped mullet.


  10. Sure, Kevvy, sure.

    Just keep telling yourself that.

  11. sure, twats, sure.

    just keep telling yourself that.


  12. Well, they do say that immitation is the highest form of flattery.

  13. I don’t think that’s what they had in mind. 😉

  14. sure, twats. sure. just keep telling yourself that….


  15. “I don’t think that’s what they had in mind.”

    only twats would confuse mockery for flattery. having never experienced the latter himself, i can understand his confusion.


  16. People who are actually good mockery usually try to be more creative than their target.

    Unshockingly Kevvy’s never figured that one out.

  17. sure, twats, sure. just keep telling yourself that.


  18. Oh quit it, the both of you. It’s tiresome.

  19. he started it!


  20. Tomm


    You are just so cynical. It was cute, homey and touching. It is the opposite of a Dick Cheney pledge.

    I, Dick Cheney, pledge to…

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