Land of the Free?

Michael Kidd worked as an engineer at KDFW for 23 years. He retired in 2001 with a pension, retirement account, and social security. Last month, he called the station for help. The Kidds have no children or relatives nearby. In November Michael fell and broke his hip. He was taken to a Plano hospital and into surgery. After a few days, the hospital called the state Adult Protective Services to report Jean had been in the waiting room for days and wasn’t eating. What happened next is a complicated, legal tale told in hundreds of pages of documents filed with the Collin County Probate Court… [source]

Politics aside, it’s a disturbing story no matter how you slice it, not to mention an appalling abuse of state power.



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4 responses to “Land of the Free?

  1. Joseph

    The ability for Obama to reach his totalitarian arm into a solid republican, freedom-loving capitalist state like Texas is just horrid. It shows just how dangerous he is. We should take to the streets to drive him from office. Texas should immediately secede from the nation before their constitutional freedoms are harmed any further.

    Oh, sorry, slid into mindless babble there. Without my talking points I’m not sure how to respond. I haven’t even gotten Palin’s twitter. I’m so lost. I hope they don’t come for me next . . .


    In all seriousness, this is really surreal and frightening. I hope someone steps in with a bit more force and corrects this. As for them, I’m glad they are going through the press. Can you imagine how this would play out if they had the audacity to try to leave.

    I hope a good, honest lawyer in Texas steps forward to assist. The ACLU could make good points – even in a state like Texas – for taking this on as a civil rights issue.

  2. Laugh, but this is what some jackass wrote on Free Republic about this story:

    The state bureaucracies of Texas are perpetually infected with LBJ “great society” legacy liberals. Most re-generate from UT Austin to carry on the liberal family tradition of working for the state and making a living posing their will on the rest of Texans. It’s an endless and vicious cycle- a poster example of what Obama land cradle to grave statism will look. like on a national scale.

    No matter what, it’s always, ALWAYS the fault of eeeeevil liberals and Obama.

  3. Iciu

    I suspect that a reasonable analysis of this situation will shwo that most of this couple’s monet ended up in private hands and if the situation has been so badly mishandeled by the social services is because of pretty poor funding for that in the first place and therefore the ways they have to deal with situations like this one are very limited: first we’ll run you into bankprutcy (by spending your money of overpriced services that are private) and then we’ll spend 5-10 more than what necessary in the first place in order to have you covered under whatever they have in place for Old Age social security…
    If we have a certain pre-defined partisan position, it’s rather easy to swing the story to fit our already established views…
    I suspect reality falls somewhere in between with a number of little details interacting to give such a ridiculuos outcome… watch how complicated it is to now resolve a rather mundane situation…

  4. Just saw a story on CNN – a man lost his job so joined the army so he could get health care coverage for his family – he was killed after only a month in Afghanistan.

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