No (Live) Nudity at the Met

How ironic.

It constantly amazes me that in such a pervasively pornified culture (where “conservatives” are the biggest consumers, by the way), there’s such a hypocritical degree of prudishness about nudity.


7 Replies to “No (Live) Nudity at the Met”

  1. This hypocrisy also results in truly disturbing sexual imagery (the sexualisation of children, people looking, acting and talking like whores and pimps and porn stars, the constant stream of sexual innuendo flooding entertainment and current events reporting, etc. etc.) being quite acceptable in American culture, to the point where you simply cannot escape it (in most places in the World, that kind of thing is relegated to its proper place which you can avoid, if you want to). I can understand American parents getting hysterical about what their children are being exposed to, but I have no idea how they’ll ever be able to change that.

    My parents thought fundamentalist religious broadcasting, with its obsessions with fags and sluts, was way more objectionable than catching a flash of boob on Radio-Canada. I myself think exposing children to reality teevee constitutes contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

  2. He can be at times, especially when he goes into that cornfed, just-a-regular guy mode which makes him seem like a rather dim bulb.

    The guy has his occasional moments though and is generally enjoyable to watch. At least he always seems to be having a great deal of fun, which can be sort of refreshing. Reminds me of Suhana Meharchand that way.

  3. His dad always said don’t show your behind in public? What was his dad thinking about if that was an oft repeated maxim in the Sanchez house? Ridiculous fear of the body but if the model had been acting out a shooting it wouldn’t have made the news. I’m always baffled by the acceptance of graphic violence and the panic at the sight of intact skin in American culture. Crazy and hypoocritical…
    yoo ess ay, yoo ess ay, yoo ess ay!

  4. It’s a double-standard that bewilders most Europeans (and a lot of Canadians) to be sure. Graphic violence galore, but heaven forbid that anyone see an exposed tit or hear a “dirty” word (at least on broadcast TV or basic cable). Bizarre.

  5. it gets even more confusing when you count up the number of conservative blogs with a babe section.

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