Breeding Ignorance

Back in 2000, President George W. Bush famously remarked: “Rarely is the questioned asked: Is our children learning?” Well, apparently not — at least from addlepated dingbats like Shanneen Barron, who broke down in tears just thinking about the HORROR of her daughter being forced to listen in school to President Obama talking about the importance of kids setting educational goals, taking personal responsibility for achieving academic excellence, and other such inspirational platitudes.

Perhaps if any of these paranoid nitwits had actually bothered to read the lesson plan (since amended) they’re so upset about instead of just drinking in the phony hysteria and manufactured outrage emanating from Fox News and right-wing talk radio, it might have allayed their concerns. The full text of the voluntary lesson plan suggestions that were distributed to schools by the Department of Education can be viewed here.

WARNING: If you dare venture into the comments section of that docStoc website, you may be appalled…



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15 responses to “Breeding Ignorance

  1. Ti-Guy

    Man, that’s pathetic. Look at how her husband though her crying was amusing. I’d have been embarrassed.

  2. How would this contrast with removing the national anthem or the pledge of allegiance? Truthfully, I’m not sure of the requirements on either of those, but that’s my expectations.

  3. Ti-Guy

    The Pledge of Allegiance is a particularly noxious exercise in indoctrination.

  4. Unbelievable – I think the world must be laughing and shaking their heads at this mostest, bestest, biggest, my dog’s bigger than your dog country.

    How to help your president – go to school, eat your veggies and be respectful of your parents, etc., is probably what kids this age would answer.

    Can you imagine how twisted these little minds will be by the time they are teens/adults?

  5. Tomm

    That video was incredible.

    Stop the Insanity!

  6. Ti-Guy

    think the world must be laughing and shaking their heads at this mostest, bestest, biggest, my dog’s bigger than your dog country.

    It stopped being amusing long ago. And the journalistic malpractice that suggests this brittle, loopy dopey woman is saying anything of interest to anyone else or constitutes “news” is of course, a big part of the problem.

  7. A funny interview between Anderson Cooper and the head of the Florida GOP from the other day…

  8. Ti-Guy

    While Jim Greer’s fretting about the intellectual welfare of children being exposed to such egregious propaganda as “new ideas,” his own teenagers are probably engaging in drunken/druggy debauches and unprotected sex, a la Bristol Palin.

  9. RT: the problem is that the USA has a Presidential system and so the functions of Head of State and Head of Government are combined in one person, the President. I don’t think many clear thinking democrats would be in favour of political representations from elected representatives at the beginning of the school year: Blair/Brown to kids in the UK, Harper here, etc.. But no-one would mind if the Head of State or her representative (our GG), the apolitical representative of the society as a whole, would address the children and encourage to stay in school, etc.. Unfortunately, the Americans have a silly system that leads to these complications and dilemmas. Were I American, I would be on the extreme left wing of the Democrats, or a Green party member, and I would object to any elected representative, whether Congressperson, Governor or, yes, President, addressing the schoolchildren in this manner, however innocent the intention, as it could indeed lead to further abuse – imagine if Bush had started doing this in his first term, and continued all through his presidency, how we left-wingers would have reacted. The case of the president is the most difficult because he is indeed also the head of state. My instincts, born of a life of parliamentary democracy, lead me to oppose his involvement although I can quite see why others might feel differently, seeing in him only a head of state.

  10. Ti-Guy

    The other problem is that USA has a federal department of education. Although I understand why, I think that violation of state’s rights is real problem. It’s not making a difference anyway.

  11. Good grief – it’s going to get worse

    Your favourite lady RT:

    Rep. Bachmann: Dems Want To Sabotage Me Because I Might Become President
    September 04, 2009 12:36 pm ET by Eric Hananoki
    On Mike Gallagher’s radio program yesterday, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) offered a novel theory as to why Democrats want her out of office: They don’t want her to become the first woman president.

  12. benalbanach

    This is the nation that thinks itself fit to lead the world ? It’s a cross between a kindergarten and a zoo.

  13. Joseph

    There appears to be some perception here that President Bush didn’t speak to the school children. He did.

    Also, some strange extension of that thought implies Bush didn’t exert the authority of the Presidency during his terms in office “like this.”

    Bush exerted the authority of the President to a much greater extent than Obama has.

  14. hemmingforddogblog

    Joseph: George W was sitting reading to school children on September 11th. He would still be sitting there with that stunned look on his face if the Secret Service hadn’t moved him.

  15. Sandi — Yeah, I saw that the other day. Too funny. Well, let’s hope that God doesn’t call on her to run. Or perhaps that he does — after all, it would be comedy gold. Palin/Bachmann 2012! Woman Power!

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