Fox’s ‘Tea Party Express Tour”

More “fair and balanced” reporting from Fox News.

Reporter Griff Jenkins (who most of the time appears to be a witless transplant from The Daily Show) is on the road traveling through the deep south talking to irate American protesters who want to “take their country back!”

Hmmm. Where was Fox News when millions of “far left loons” were protesting the war in Iraq?

Update: More tea-party madness.

Apparently, many of these people are willing to “die” and “shed blood” to “take back their country” and fight “enemies within” (per the Constitution). Scary.


24 Replies to “Fox’s ‘Tea Party Express Tour””

  1. Whoo, Doggie! This is gonna be fun. They’ll be restoring the “original” constitution and planting some cotton. The South will rise again!

    I know this madness infects all regions of the country (and borders), but it only takes a cursory study of voting patterns in the US to see where the virus is most prevalent. I know . . . I was raised there.

    My, the contortions of logic and illusion that must be navigated to reconcile their professed love of the Bible and their contempt of any of Jesus’ teachings.

    Who will cast the first stone? he asked. Well, the righteous crowd is on the move, and their vehicles looked weighted down to me.

  2. Yeah! the Cash for Clunkers idea was pretty lame too. 700,000 cars junked in the name of greening. I thought this Adm. was supposed to be about recycling (what a joke). No more Salvage yards, or cheap used car parts. Wahoo!. An excess abundance of steel affects that Industry in a bad way too!. Probably several hundred thousand jobs lost right there. I’m glad all of you think Obama’s plan is all good. One bit off finger is small compared to loosing everything most of us have worked our fingers to the bone for.

  3. jasper, if I may be informal, you might want to have the doctors that are trying to help you up the voltage. Your ramblings still tend to be rather incoherent and just plain unhinged. Just trying to help.

  4. Today’s instalment of CBC’s The Current featured a discussion between Salim Muwakkil, a Senior Editor with In These Times magazine. and Beau Phillips, a former Republican party strategist, to discuss Obama’s fortunes.

    They couldn’t stop yelling at each other.

    I don’t know why Canadians are being forced to pay attention to this primitive circus.

  5. I agree CC that 80% of the Cash for Clunker auto sales went to foreign produced cars, or their manufacturing corps. Didn’t do to much for the American worker though.
    This Adm. as far as I’m concerned wasn’t watching the ball by allowing this to happen wouldn’t you say?, or are they incapable of such a complex thought process?. I’d hope you would see that we need workers in our Government who actually think and work!, we certainly don’t need to add tens of thousands more in various capacities yet to be discovered that don’t. “Everything seems latched pretty tight with me”. You might want to see if your tin hat is on straight.

  6. “One bit off finger is small compared to loosing everything most of us have worked our fingers to the bone for.”

    loosing? ha ha ha

    You don’t work Jasper. We cleared that up ages ago when you were called Boob.

  7. Sure, I worked 40+ years keeping your food safe!. Dummy!, 80 hour weeks that you’ve never seen. Raised 5 kids too a Dentist, a Doctor, Lawyer, Plant Mgr. and a housewife who’s husband is a Colonel in the US Marine Corp. Tell me about it!, but as was explained to me by a much younger person (our generation isn’t going to work like your generation)!. That was after I found him asleep in his car. Oh well doesn’t matter since everybody will be taken care of by Obama…Yuk!
    I guess I’d rather be a boob or primitive than a idiot!. How’s your part time job at McDonald’s going?.

  8. They promoted me to full time day manager yesterday Jasper. BTW, I am changing your shifts to the morning shift.

    Plant manager and housewife with “important husband” means absolutely nothing to me btw.

    You kept my food safe? Really? Do you know where I buy my food? Probably not. Do you know what my diet is? Probably not. So how did you keep my food safe moron?

    I try to avoid US produced food for the obvious reasons Jasper: human growth hormone and lax food inspectors.

    Do you actually know what country this blog is based in Jasper? To be honest, you’re complete and utter lack of geographic knowledge implies you are an idiot and your writing style; well primitive.

    Weak Jasper, I figured someone as old as you might have come from an America that once had a half decent education system but I guess I was wrong.

    So sad Jasper that you can’t present an argument with some sort of writing style.

  9. Wrong again!. I guess you probably come from the very same kind of Country that let’s Terrorists with Cancer out of prison for killing how many? all for Oil or better relations with the Middle East. I’ve worked in over 15 different Countries around the world and have an excellent grasp on Geography, especially since it was my major in College. Your right about one thing though I guess I wasn’t looking when you got that bad batch of Kool Aid!. Sorry

  10. Wow that’s even weaker Jasper.

    I love how you claim a knowledge of the world and then confuse Canada with the United Kingdom. Impressive Jasper.

    Shall we talk education Jasper? I have a degree in Geography myself (well urban planning was my speciality but whatever). and you know what? I can tell the difference between the UK and Canada without looking at a map. Judging from your red faced bluster Id pretty much guess you had courses in assisted mapreading.

    What’s this about the Kool Aid? Did a bunch of American cons come up with a funny joke back in 1971 and can’t resist reusing it over and over and over….

    Jasper, you should talk to your doctor. You are exhibiting the early stages of dementia. Do it for your grandchildren…

  11. Oh Yes! I was just a little higher than your typical Ag. Inspector. It amazes me to know how people feel so indifferent about Americans especially since this Country has bailed out so many. I’ll bet you probably think were also responsible for your ailing economy don’t you?.

  12. What on earth are you talking about Jasper?

    Canada has never been bailed out by the United States. Nor have we ever been on any type of foreign aid from the United States. No, unlike in your delusional head, they have not air-dropped sacks of wheat to villages in Saskatchewan.

    I don’t know what you are talking about indifference towards Americans. A giant portion of my family is American;in fact my grandmother was from the United States. I have a lot of respect for Americans and what they have accomplished, however, I do not respect the mouth of a douchenozzle like yourself.

    You do not respresent the America that I admire. You represent what happens when a delusional person gets a computer.

    Your argument is still weak as piss Jasper. Keep trying – maybe you’ll get to Pabst strength.

  13. Never said Canada was!. Tell you what S&S I just threw the rest of my rocks in the lake. I’m just concerned about the direction all of us are headed the same as you are.

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