Patriotic Music?

It’s the new FREEDOM FRIES!

OH NOOOZ! The Democratic Communist Party is promoting un-American music in the halls of Congress!!!

By the way, just WTF is “patriotic music” anyway? John Phillips Sousa? How is jazz, not “patriotic” (whatever that means in this context). If anything, it’s about as authentically American as you can get. Couldn’t be because of its black roots in New Orleans, now could it… But of course there couldn’t possibly be any racist undertones involved here because, after all, Fox & Friends inexplicably had George Foreman on to discuss the subject.

Good grief, I swear that the right-wing of America is going absolutely crazy these days. (Or should I say crazier?)

Shocking Update: Speaking of which… Glenn Beck exposes “Communist” artwork in the bas reliefs at Rockefeller Plaza (NBC’s headquarters). Coincidence? I think not!!!

Incredibly, it gets even worse…


24 Replies to “Patriotic Music?”

  1. What is most hilarious is Jazz is actually the only recognized “American born” music.

    Of course to the so-cons this horror to their ears since it has, you know, was born out of a racial experience.

    Thank God Mr. Upton was on top of this!

  2. Only in America, you can call your elected representatives? I think George has been siphoning that grease from his grills . . . he’s a bit addled.

  3. By the way, just WTF is “patriotic music” anyway? John Phillips Sousa?

    Loud, brash, ear piercing horns with crashing cymbals to 4/4 time that makes you want to puncture your eardrums with an ice pick. Now that’s patriotic music! Oh yeah…and anything by Toby Keith.

  4. For more cognitive dissonance, I am utterly floored that Beck is apparently a fan of Muse. A band whose singer, Matt Bellamy, is an outspoken atheist, holds almost socialist views on land ownership, is thoroughly opposed to Western imperialism, and believes 9/11 was “an inside job”. Unless Beck really is a libertarian and identifies with Bellamy’s left-libertarian inclinations.

  5. Wait till Glenn figures out that the fasces are the back of the US dime! That should get him another week or so of programming.

  6. It’s truly demoralising to think this lunatic is allowed to occupy as much media space as he does and is paid handsomely to do it, while other people toil away at honest, difficult work and can’t even make a living wage.

  7. False Prophet, too funny. It always astounded me how many right wingers love the Grateful Dead. I just can’t see Ann Coulter buying hash from a bongo playing Deadhead in the back of a Van outside a sports arena.

  8. No comment on the CHRC ruling today?

    Sorry.. couldn’t resist. But, to be fair, the tribunal writer was a Liberal appointment, to his credit, and, I suppose, to the credit of Paul Martin for appointing him.

  9. No comment on the CHRC ruling today?

    Sorry.. couldn’t resist.

    Don’t worry. We’re used to the impetuousness of “Conservatives.” You’ll grow out of it, eventually.

  10. Maybe he’s got a big “No Ontarians Welcome” sign he’s itching to wheel out of the garage…

  11. Conservatives are going insane these days. People really need to use So much disinformation by Beck and his minions. I’m still having a really hard time understanding why people hang on his every word. 99% of what he says is either spun completely out of control or a Lie.

  12. Behold the orgasmic jubilation that Rob H. engages in to comment on CHRC decision:

    Good on Ezra, Good on Mark [Steyn], and a special non-partisan thank-you to the efforts of Athanasios D. Hadjis, tribunal member who wrote the decision.

    Ignoring the irrationality that Rob H. manifests in asserting that this has anything to do with Levant or Steyn and ignoring the fact that a lawyer apparently does not understand our Constitution, I’ll just say that any person who supports serial liars and defamers is no champion of freedom of expression. Quite the opposite in fact.

    No wonder Alberta is the only place in Canada where the KKK had any popularity. So long as the so-called “individuals” (ie. right wing conformists) there continue to confuse anti-heros with champions, nothing will change.

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