Obama to Bomb Canada?

Lose Your Head!

Here’s the latest delirious scare-mongering from Glenn Beck.

It’s difficult at the best of times to follow Beck’s logical train of thought (because it tends to travel down winding tunnels of paranoia) but what he seems to be suggesting on today’s program is that the Obama administration (which he now routinely contends is run by Communists), might use the recent incidents of pipeline sabotage in northern Canada as an excuse to nationalize the oil companies. “Oh they’ll say they didn’t want to seize control of the oil companies, but we had to,” Beck imagined government officials as saying afterwards.

Some bloggers (“in their basements”) have gone so far as read this as Beck claiming that Obama is actually going to bomb the Canadian oil pipelines to nationalize the oil and gas industries. I didn’t draw that inference from what he said, but even so, it still sounds quite far-fetched.


24 Replies to “Obama to Bomb Canada?”

  1. I’m at a loss as to what Beck’s point was…other than he really didn’t have much of a point to make.

  2. As Glenn never tires of telling his viewers, he’s a recovering alcoholic. You know, since he found God and the Latter Day Saints (in order to get laid according to his “20/20” interview a while back).

    One wonders how many of these nutty conspiracy theories and zany scenarios he can keep coming up with to boost his ratings. Pretty soon I think he’s just going to start cribbing from Alex Jones.

  3. Yeah, the Mormon underwear thing is pretty funny. I dated an ex-Mormon turned atheist who showed me the pair he wore. Evidently they are relatively expensive so people tend to wear the same pair over and over again until they wear out. You should see partially washed out stains, tire tracks and the rest. Gross!

    That said, you only are supposed to start wearing them if you get to the point where you are allowed into their super-secret Temples. Most Mormons never get that far.

  4. Bringing the discussion back to earth.. considering the topic started out as an example of right-wing paranoia, and then denigrated into attacks on mormon faith..

    At it’s simplist, the right in the U.S. is simply exposing it’s fear and insecurity that what it’s selling isn’t being bought.

    Word to Glen.

    Change your product. There are reasons for people to consider conservative philosophy that do not rely upon fear-mongering and paranoid delusional exaggeration. And if people don’t want to buy it, well, that’s how democracy is supposed to work.

  5. “then denigrated into attacks on mormon faith.”

    the fuck, it did.


    and the word you’re looking for is “degenerate”, mouth piece.

  6. I dont believe that in 2009, there is a Conservative philosophy that doesn’t contain elements of fear-mongering, paranoid delusional exaggeration or hypocrisy. At one time this wasn’t true but this is the way it presents itself these days.

    For an intelligent Conservative platform to be presented, an intelligent Conservative needs to step up and speak out against fools like Beck.

    Any takers?

  7. yeah compared to some of the batshit crazy mormon stuff I heard in the BC interior, making fun of holy underwear is pretty minor.

    That argument was like getting busted for stealing a pen from the bank. Want to chastise us all for spilling milk next?

  8. Not to “denigrate” you, Kev, but.. well, ok, in order to “denigrate” you.

    Main Entry: den·i·grate
    Pronunciation: \ˈde-ni-ˌgrāt\
    Function: transitive verb
    Inflected Form(s): den·i·grat·ed; den·i·grat·ing

    1 : to attack the reputation of : defame
    2 : to deny the importance or validity of : belittle

    — den·i·gra·tion \ˌde-ni-ˈgrā-shən\ noun
    — den·i·gra·tive \ˈde-ni-ˌgrā-tiv\ adjective
    — den·i·gra·tor \-ˌgrā-tər\ noun
    — den·i·gra·to·ry \ˈde-ni-grə-ˌtȯr-ē\ adjective

    ..sorry little one, back to the kids table again with you. And you have to drink from the sippy cup til you show you’re all growed up.

  9. Oh man, that’s lame, Rob:

    Function: transitive verb

    That’s how we can tell you couldn’t have used the word properly in that sentence, no matter how you explain it. “Denigrate” cannot be used intransitively; it *has* to have a direct object.

  10. I wish I had cable. I’m starting to realize right wing assholes have a good sense of humour. I think $20 worth of laser pointers and a used notebook is enough to deactivate their border drones. Obviously no jurisdiction or public will to prosecute any bored Canadian who wants to waste USA taxpayer dollars here.

    The Canadian death panel lies (on R.Broonieaieauiges website says Palin 2012) got me into their healthcare debate. I`m wondering if our healthcare companies should charge a blue-state asshole tax. The world would thank us: Universal healthcare would give USA about $5T extra, some of which would be spent on foreign goods.

  11. The reason I take the Death Panel lies personally is I wasted about 100 hours looking at Death Panels in Canada after a case in Wpg caused some doctors to resign and I saw Wpg health officials were doing everything I could suggest and more to provide the proper ethical end-of-life care.
    If our MPs weren`t endorsing Palin I would just assume well-paid government would take care of this.

  12. which of the two meanings did you intend, mouth piece?

    “the topic…. then attacked the reputation into attacks on mormon faith”

    “the topic…. then denied the importance or validity into attacks on mormon faith”



  13. ti-guy, keep your hands off my thunder.

    Couldn’t help myself. I’m on a mission to shove English down the throats of anglophones.

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