5 Replies to “Is Minotaur Goring Detainees Torture?”

  1. Oh, good choice of clips. I got distracted listening to the second one and for a moment, thought I was hearing the first one again.

  2. The really sad part, the Minotaur discussion was the more reasoned, rational discussion. These torture apologists really make my skin crawl.

  3. That Time Trumpet programme is quite twisted. I’d never heard of it before, but ended watching several episodes last night.

    Something to offend just about everyone… I especially liked the running gags such as the “increasingly bizarre” Tom Cruise, the diminishing popularity of the Royals and the shrunken Martha Kearney.

  4. There’s a outtake floating around Youtube of the BBC Terrorism Awards which has a 747 cleave Big Ben in half. They had to reschedule the third episode to cut the part out due to forseen protests.

    Iannucci has done some other great political stuff like “Clinton: His Struggle With Dirt” and “2004, the Stupid Version”. His own show about life was pretty good itself.

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