Controlling the Senate

Grumpy Old Men

Does anyone on planet Earth (aside from these two guys) really give a toss whether the Conservatives may eventually regain control of the Senate?

Oh the audacity of these Liberals. They think the Senate should do everything humanly possible to thwart the will of the people & block Tory gov’t legislation, but it’s supposed to bow down in feal [sic] submission & rummber [sic] stamp everything a Liberal gov’t would do. The nerve of these people.

Yawn. One presumes that Mikey would be just pleased as punch if a Conservative majority in the Senate routinely thwarted the “will of the people” (whatever that means in this country) and blocked legislation sponsored by the Liberals in parliament. Whatever. Personally, I welcome the prospect of a Conservative controlled Senate. It would be great sport.


ForaTV: “Composer and inventor Tod Machover argues that musical notation is nothing more than a way of remembering what you did so that you can do it again. He ties that to a piece of software he created called Hyperscore, which allows children to write sophisticated music using basic lines and color.”

Very cool. Complete video here. Download the software at