Commercializing Truth

“Truth is, we get the truth we want.”

Fora TV: “Australian barrister Julian Burnside outlines content-related constraints on the media industry. He emphasizes the role of profit as a manipulator of content, claiming sports, sex, and political misconduct as the three most lucrative story topics for media sources.”

Complete video here.

Decline & Falling: Part II

The opening scenes of life onboard a luxury liner of the time carrying new immigrants from England to Australia strike a personal note with me. My family came to Canada on the CP ship “Empress of England” that departed from Liverpool and docked in Montreal, where we then boarded a train that took us over many days thousands of miles across the country all the way to Vancouver. A very strange and somewhat unsettling trip for a six-year old, although it was great fun for the most part…

Much of this segment of the film deals with the institutionalized racism of Australia that drove its immigration policies for many years during the latter part of the 20th century. Of course, it’s easy to scoff at such ridiculous notions these days, but there’s an underlying sensibility of racial prejudice that still persists in our own policies to this day, most particularly a rather curious hypocrisy when it comes to the issue of economic migrants.

Balancing Power

As much as I hate to admit it, maybe Peggy and Joe have a point here. Perhaps Obama would actually be better served, politically speaking, by an overtly hostile, antagonistic Congress.

To flip sides and revision this into a Canadian context, wouldn’t most people agree that a minority government better represents the will of the general electorate rather than a majority with virtually unchecked powers?