Saying One Thing – Doing Another

It’s the hypocrisy, stupid.

To be honest, I don’t really have any problem with Harper’s appointments, but they are quite amusing in light of his past statements about the issue. Safe to say than any statements the Dear Leader said in the past about his so-called “principles” are now completely irrelevant as he extemporizes his way forward…

Update: Too funny. And for more hilarity, check out this unctuous stream of addlepated drivel. WARNING: Use of motion sickness bag is recommended.

Douche Crux of the Matter Update:

To all those who have left nasty comments (that I didn’t approve) about how Mr. Harper has said, many times, that he didn’t want to have to appoint Senators — that is completely irrelevant to this discussion.

It never fails to amuse witnessing the elaborate rhetorical hoops that Sandy “I’m not a Conservative partisan” Crux will jump through to painfully rationalize and justify her insanely slavish hero-worship of the Dear Leader and unqualified approval of every single one of his contradictory, hypocritical policies and so-called “accomplishments” as she likes to describe the routine business of government.



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58 responses to “Saying One Thing – Doing Another

  1. Ti-Guy

    Well, on the bright side, we can pretty much dismiss his assertion that we won’t recognise Canada when he’s through. Deficits, high spending, cronyism… It’s the Canada we all know and love.

  2. CWTF

    Employment insurance was the big issue in June as Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper locked horns in a classic minority Parliament power play, but Liberals now say it’s just one file among many and EI will not trigger a fall vote.

    Same old…..
    Connies have no principles, Liberals have no principles…

    I still think we need BlocCanada….

  3. Grammin

    The Senate is pretty much impossible to reform, so I see no reason for the Cons not to appoint some senators of their liking. Of course the entire thing is hypocritical but this is the Canadian Parliamentary system so c’est la vie. Iggy suggesting that EI reforms are no longer important enough to topple the government over is worse in my view… has been his sole issue over the last few months as he has propped the government up time and time again.
    The polls in Quebec (and trend in ON) suggest the Libs hold no chance of gaining government, which is the real reason for their sudden change of heart. There are many good Libs, but the real power of the party is still governed by those who only wish to gain power and will con and manipulate anyone they can to achieve it.

  4. No argument from this quarter…

    At the moment the Liberals are offering nothing constructive whatsoever. For all of his faults as a politician, at least with Dion I had some semblance of where the party stood on various issues and generally what its vision was for Canada. Since his departure however there’s nothing but a void. Much like the Republicans down south, the Libs have become little more than “the party of NO” that opportunistically and unscrupulously seeks to knee-cap the government for its own self-serving purposes.

  5. None here either. The Senate is one of those institutions most of us think is useless, but it will probably be around long after we’re worm food.

  6. Dan — Having posted on this subject many times, you know that I appreciate the Senate as a valuable institution and don’t think that it’s “useless” by any measure, but I do think that it needs reform. Specifically, the vetting and approval prior to appointment by a representative parliamentary committee. It’s unconscionable that people are appointed for “life” to such a position without any transparent oversight beforehand.

  7. Marg

    Well I have a problem–a big problem–with the appointment of Stewart-Olsen. She may have been born in NB but has not lived her for gawd knows how many years. I’d like an NB’r to represent us please. Reminds me of the appt. of Mike Duffy to represent PEI. What a joke.

  8. Phillip Huggan

    “At the moment the Liberals are offering nothing constructive whatsoever. ”

    Political suicide, Red. Harper delayed his $600M manufacturing tax credit platform until 3 days before last election. Media and rich Canadians all went on board with raping children of poor platform with no regard for blowback if Harper fucked up their majority (hint: if only 15 of 22 newspapers go rapist maybe you guys get media $125M bailout).
    The Canadian establishment ran on a human extinction attack of Dion’s *platform* and speech disability (at least he can read, can’t believe I was 1990 Redwing fan).

    My suggestion to Iggy is to release serial rapists and broadcast the path-to-school of media and CPC children. To me (not to CPC) rape is wrong whether legal or illegal but if it is going to be a GofC platform penetrate the rich too.
    Cough, I wonder if that’s a future communicable pandemic in my lungs…..if I had weed I’d be more Jesus (unlike CPC supporters who campaign on raping the poor), CPC fucked that up for me today.

    Harperr didn’t apologize for his platform despite being made aware of consequences repeatedly. He *asked* the only man in the land with the balls and ethics who called him on it (Duceppe) for an apology when Duceppe pointed out: raping children is wrong.
    Not one fucking word about this platform means we will repeat this mistake. I was banned from 1/2 the blogosphere for pointing it out: well worth it.

  9. Grammin

    anyone else baffled (at least a little) by Phillip’s nonsensical post?

  10. Not having a Huggan Decoder Ring® I don’t even try anymore…

  11. sapphireandsteel

    What? No Huggan Plugin?

  12. Nope. 🙂

    I’d like to see Phil get on Twitter and distill his thoughts into 140 characters or less. That would be interesting.

  13. Phillip Huggan

    The NDP just platformed not leaving Canadians abroad stranded without due process, *even* if black (lol of Kenyan descent, bad geopolitical timing Harper) or brown. My idea is an expansion of that, not to table platforms that leave Canadians more raped, death penaltied, beaten, mentally ill, etc….

    It was explained to Harper natives and poor people get imprisoned and it is known children are targetted for rape when imprisoned. CPC ran on a platform of imprisoning 14 and 15 year old children ( I assume who committed murders and stuff like that). Probably didn’t appoint enough rapist CPC judges to make it pass, but still, CTV and Canwest (I assume) didn’t bother to report this platform (CBC did).

    Devastates me to recognize this fact about our *Right* and our mainstream establishment. If no one else (except Duceppe) will point to this evil while still addressable in a non-revolutionary manner, I will. You rich people are delusional your evil actions won’t come back to harm all of us one day. The 9-11 mastermind claimed to be extremized by growing up in the deep south. A next-next generation terrorist won’t be using planes and hoping skyscraper beams melt.
    As a poor boy I won’t be able to protect anyone. I can think of 5 different ways Neocon power leads inevitibly to human extinction and I’m not trying.

  14. Phillip Huggan

    ..flaky allusions, I’ll give examples before hypercube links again (and it should be the MSM not me or Duceppe who calls any Party that platforms things like children in adult prison and death penlty):
    1) Assuming constant PNAC GOP south, AGW wrecks civil order this century. We are Canadian but GOP hates UK’s Right and loves ours; our silence suggests we might want their healthcare; are ambivalent. As we don’t have any domestic health insurance industry or lobby, this is pure dangerous Harper neocon ideology.
    2) Assuming PNAC GOP all 21st century…USA attacks Iran, maybe they retaliate with what they think is a 0.01% lethal pandemic but is really 90% fatal. Al Qaeda attacked a Liberal state and ensured 2004 GOP win, probably not what they wanted. I get the impression hard Right Wing players have a mythical believe they can control these 1963-ish Pandora’s Boxes. 20th cenutry had nukes, might have a few new “games” to play out here.
    3) Assuming PNAC GOP a nuclear winter is inevitable (IDK when).

    I’m trying to learn about pandemics but can’t afford to attend meetings let alone buy scientific papers. If Harper sends a 14 yr old in prison and winds up a longshoreman later, he probably doesn’t care about the mysterious package (nuke) sitting on the dock. When Limbaugh rallies his Right terrorists to property crimes and murder, he takes away Homeland Security officials looking for that package and diverts them to Obama assassination threats. I’m defining weakening the fabric of society as unnecessary future human extinction threats…cue the hypercube.

  15. hemmingforddogblog

    That’s a lot of words to say nothin’…

  16. CWTF

    I like Phillip Huggan…..

    And then the Lords of The Loony Bin you reside in will forget to dispense your MEDICATION, and the VERBAL DIARRHEA will flow forth…

  17. ..back on point. I have a relatively non-partisan solution to the Senate stupidity.

  18. sapphireandsteel

    I’d be happier with a recall process that works than some diluted Reform senate reform policy from the late 1980s.

    Then again Harper’s plan of reform the senate through hypocrisy isn’t exactly surprising considering the source.

    Reform senate reform…lol

  19. I’d like to know why this video was taken down by “user”

  20. sapphireandsteel

    I’d like to know why anyone would vote Conservative?

  21. CWTF

    I’d like to know why anyone would vote Conservative?
    Lack of cognisance?

  22. Well, there is one difference – the Libs never promised to not make patrionage appointments to the senate that I recall, whereas Harper made a huge deal out of it.

    So, the Liberals are more honest LOL

  23. Navvy

    Any thoughts on Harper’s buyout of Doer? What’s he gain by that? PC win in Manitoba could be likely… but who cares?

  24. sapphireandsteel

    Holy shit, Navvy, I just read that.

    I wonder how many self-righteously angry NDP supporters are going to give me a laugh today.

  25. CWTF

    the Libs never promised to not make patrionage appointments to the senate
    I guess that makes it right *sigh*

  26. get off it – I didn’t say it was right – I said they never promised not to – therefore, more honest.

  27. hitfan

    Personally, I’d like to see the Senate be represented by PR (proportional representation)–you get 100 seats “at large” where 1% of the national vote gets 1 seat for a federal delegation (senators are then chosen from party lists after the election). As well, I’d like to see an additional 100 senators for the provinces (10 per province) where 10% of the vote gets 1 seat. And for the territories, an “at large” all-territorial delegation (Yukon+NWT+Nunavut) gets to vote for 10 senators with PR voting (basically, 3.33 senators per territory).

    210 senators, with just the right balance of federal/provincial/territorial checks and balances and you can implement PR voting without having to touch the “first past the post system” in the House of Commons. You can put in seperate fixed dates for the federal senatorial delegation (year 1) and the various provincial/territorial delegations (Western Canada + territories can be year 2, Eastern Canada can be year 3, etc) as well to make things interesting. Off-year elections would provide representation to the changing opinions of the public. Greens would be able to have a few senators sitting in the federal delegation, etc. Maybe the Marxist Leninist + Communist parties can finally merge and elect their first senator if they can scrounge 1% of the vote during a low-turnout election.

    That kind of ‘reform’ would probably be too complicated to explain to average people and it would open another can of constitutional Meech Lake-style conundrum to revive the shrill Quebec nationalists, of course. I remember the 1980s fondly when the French bigots would trample the Maple Leaf on TV which would in turn enrage the English bigots into doing the same to the Fleur de Lys.

    Maybe Jack Layton has the best solution regarding the Senate: just abolish it.

  28. The one and only policy proposal of Jack Layton that I wouldn’t oppose. Abolish it.

    The hogwash of “sober second thought” in the Senate is just that – particularly when we consider that, at present, there are no controls whatseover regarding who can be appointed and why.

    If we really want to “tighten belts”, that is a move which wouldn’t affect Canadians in the least. Other than adding a few more to the unemployed ranks.

  29. sapphireandsteel

    I dont even want to think of what EI would pay a senator…

  30. sapphireandsteel

    Harper set a record: for patronage. I guess Stephen Hypocrite is his legal name.

  31. sapphireandsteel

    jeez Im dense. 🙂

  32. sapphireandsteel

    a chance for redemption…

  33. I guess “Grit Girl” felt the need to rejigger the title of the video which is why it was taken down for a bit and re-posted with the “King of Patronage” angle.

    Anyway, the correct one is up there now.

  34. sapphireandsteel

    Well his patronage appointments have shut up my reform inlaws for awhile so I almost owe him a thank you. Almost…

    They really hate being called apologists, especially since its true.

    “He had no other way to reform the senate” is a new standard of weak for retorts though I expect one of them will find another pathetic excuse to support their “leader”.

  35. RT:

    You have.

    Having lived in New Zealand for a couple years – a country that abolished their Senate in the 1950s, instituted Mixed Member Proportional in the 1980s and seems to do multi-party democracy fairly well, I find our system very frustrating. New Zealand parties come and go, they form coalitions easily and they don’t suffer the curse of the Italians where governments fall every month.

    I like the idea of an unelected Senate providing second sober thought without the pressure of being reelected but at the same time, it’s an expensive, misunderstood institution whose role in government is poorly defined. It may be better to create an extra governmental consultative body that helps inform the Commons instead of what we have.

  36. Situations like that really challenge the integrity of supporters; separating the naked apologists, hero worshipers and blind ideologues from those individuals with principles and conviction.

  37. Sorry, NZ adopted MMP in the 1990s.

  38. hemmingforddogblog

    I like the Italian system where everyone gets one chance at some time to run the country! 🙂

  39. Dan — For some, the notion that the Senate is unelected is antithetical to their misplaced belief in democracy, but to me it’s one of the institution’s most attractive qualities. In my opinion, the fact alone that there is no political pressure to gain re-election elevates that body to a higher purpose for which it was designed — one of oversight and rigorous scrutiny (aka “sober second thought) providing an invaluable contribution to the crafting of reasonable and fair-minded legislation.

    Accordingly, the body should be regarded with a greater degree of respect and not stuffed with party hacks (whether they be Liberals or Conservatives) out of convenience or utilized as a rubber stamp for half-baked, poorly drafted bills arising out of the Commons that are motivated by political expediency and/or short-term populist necessity as much as anything else.

  40. Ti-Guy

    I’d like to know why anyone would vote Conservative?

    Imagine if there were a party that explained that everything you think is wrong with the World, based on your own uninformed opinions or the brilliant theories you’ve devised in your beautiful mind, unsullied by the pedestrian considerations of empirical observation and verification, was entirely correct? Would that party appeal to you?

    I tend to start looking elsewhere when I’m hearing too much that I agree with.

  41. sapphireandsteel

    Actually no. I tend to distrust anyone who is merely saying the things that I want to hear. Especially if they are described as publicist, politician, press officer, government lobbyist, pr official or marketer.

  42. Bob

    zman posted this at the G&M, pure gold;

    I once heard an interesting story about a moose hunter who after tracking a moose for 5 miles though muskeg , finally downed the animal but then got caught in a terrible blizzard…

    Soaking wet , he was forced to gut the animal and crawl inside the carcass to stay warm until the blizzard passed.. When he tried to emerge , the carcass of the animal had frozen around him and he was trapped inside..

    “GOD”! he asked himself..”What did I do to deserve this fate …”..and then he realized he had voted Liberal in the last election , and he felt so small that he was able to crawl out of the animals annus !!

  43. sapphireandsteel

    Don’t you have a car to steal or crack to sell there in Surrey Bob?

  44. sapphireandsteel

    got this in a banner ad today. Where do I get my cheque?

  45. “Sandy ‘I’m not a Conservative partisan'”

    maybge she’s a centrist….



  46. Poor Bob. He tries soooo desperately, and yet winds up with so little to show for his efforts. Erectile dysfunction… it’s such a tragic malady.

  47. sapphireandsteel

    I could only imagine what Bob thinks annus horribilis means.

  48. You’re too wicked. 🙂

  49. “the animals annus”



  50. Bob

    2009 would be the LPoC’s annus horribilis, after all you have a leader who is more interested in Puffin excrement than in being an actual leader.

  51. sapphireandsteel

    Bob seems to have dipped into his crack supply again.

  52. Ti-Guy

    Lay off Boob. We all sometimes use double-letters mistakenly.

  53. Scraping the bottom of the barrel much, Boob?

  54. lol! “boob” it is, then!


  55. Bob

    You’re right Martin, this blog of yours is pretty much the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Liblogs.

    Good night girls.

  56. sapphireandsteel

    Boob’s off to get fondled…

  57. Phillip Huggan

    I have a real life hunting story about our Fox News PM’s big brothers down south but everyone already knows it.
    Seriously, why is our PM not dispelling Canadian death panel attacks?? Of Iggy and Harper, I know which one would be helping to prevent the GOP from turning North America into an economic basketcase. Sure as hell isn’t the one with the U of Calgary economics “degree”. Harper is helping their insurance healthcare administrators suck the lifeblood out of the world economy. Laugh now while their costs are 17% of GDP and ours our 11%. Won’t be laughing when our GST goes up 13 pts (to 18%) and our *trade partner* pays a bloated insurance industry 30% VAT….

  58. It’s kind of funny how Boob adheres to all the stereotypes of trolls.

    Feel free to call me by my REAL name “Boob” (or is it “Matt” or “Libby” or whatever?) because, unlike you, and contrary to what Warren Kinsella mistakenly thinks, I’m not a gutless coward that hides behind a fake name for no reason whatsoever.

    And though you might regard this as the “bottom of the barrel when it comes to Liblogs” this little fruit stand still manages to rack up over a thousand hits every day.

    “Good night girls.”

    The fact that you consider that remark insulting speaks volumes to your profound ignorance.

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