Healthcare Reform & Privacy

Howard Dean responds to a question at the Reston, VA town hall meeting about whether healthcare reform might potentially threaten the privacy of individuals.

It’s interesting to see how Dean turned what might otherwise have been casually dismissed as nothing more than unfounded paranoia into a thoughtful response addressing the much broader issue of legitimate privacy concerns vis-à-vis both the government and private corporations.

6 Replies to “Healthcare Reform & Privacy”

  1. Yes, but that’s been going on since forever and the US still doesn’t have a coherent approach to information privacy like we in Canada do…he intoned, smugly.

    Speaking of which: Facebook to make privacy changes. It’s a good thing Canada worked out some of the fundamental issues a long time ago. They remain the same regardless of advances in technology.

  2. You’d think on the oil market alone Harper would be trying to help Americans draw money away from useless (like their consumes-40%-of-all-profits banks) health insurance industry, rather than being Fox News bobblehead.
    I wish that $10B went to fund the healthcare services Stelmach is cutting. Like GWB, at least he has a sense of humour: returning mental health patients (presently consuming relatively cheap beds) to the community will make them happy.
    Cutting the pandemic head’s job last spring and paying doctors enough to come into work sick is, unhealthy. Though cutting hospitals and fresh produce for USA oil exec salaries: clearly not Canadian healthcare values.

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