Countdown: UHG Exposé

It defies understanding why anyone in their right mind would defend a system that allows companies that are by all measures dreadful service providers (e.g., rated 91% unfavourable by hospitals in a LAT survey) such as United Health Group not only to exist, but actually thrive with fantastic success. Last year, United Health Group made an astounding $5 billion in profit; an amount that unless you’re fortunate enough to be a shareholder of UHG, seems like a completely obscene amount of money.

And yet, there are many Americans who will vigorously defend the concept of “for profit” healthcare despite such egregious examples of waste, fraud and abuse on the part of companies such as UHG, and view any attempt to introduce a “public option” as an attempt to undermine the free market system. To them, the premise that decent, basic healthcare is an inherent right of every citizen — as opposed to a privilege that must be earned — is nothing short of an ideological anathema.


4 Replies to “Countdown: UHG Exposé”

  1. Well, I am one of those lucky ones. I have not had a major illness, a chronic medical condition or injury. The only time I have utilized them was before my Africa trip when I had to get all my shots.

    But even that is crazy. I found a doctor in my network, made the appointment, paid my $40 dollar co-pays (I had to go several times for tests before they could give me the vaccines), could only get some of the shots I needed. (She couldn’t give me a Yellow Fever shot so I had to go somewhere else for that and pay $300 dollars out of pocket for the appointment and shot because I needed a Yellow Fever certificate for my passport.)

    Then 6 weeks later I received a $200 dollar bill to pay in the mail. I called and asked why and got some B.S. answer that the shots aren’t covered because they were voluntary. Ok. Fine, but where is the transparency up front? Shouldn’t that be something that is disclosed before you go through with a voluntary test or procedure?

    I only hope I don’t get really sick while I live in the States.

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