Daily Mail-o-matic


As Stephen Fry noted on Twitter earlier this morning, the new and improved Daily Mail-o-matic is a “fun toy for all the family”.

Now, if only we could somehow get a kooky Fox News Chyron and Auto-Feed-Generator going… Oh wait, never mind.

Update: Serendipitously related to the above in a somewhat tangential kind of way, here’s Australian author Max Barry discussing our society’s increasing preoccupation with avoiding risk.

Not hard to connect the dots…

Randall Terry Gets Punted

From TPMV, footage of the disruption staged by anti-abortion crusader and batshit crazy lunatic Randall Terry at a town hall meeting in Reston, Virginia and his subsequent ejection.

Here’s another view of Terry on his way out of the building:

Update: The demented sickness of “pro-life” fanatics…