The “Death Book” Spin

Two radically different views from Fox News and MSNBC on the so-called “Death Book” that’s become the latest ridiculous controversy in the healthcare debate. As they say, compare and contrast…



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5 responses to “The “Death Book” Spin

  1. Ti-Guy

    Death panels, death books…when are they going to trot out the death camps? I mean, on national teevee? We know they’ve been accusing the Democrats of nazism for eight months now.

  2. I think they tried that with the FEMA camps hokum, but that was just for “re-education” purposes.

  3. Ti-Guy

    I just don’t know how Americans can stay sane anymore knowing that very well-educated, wealthy people are putting this crap on their television.

    Rupert Murdoch and/or Roger Ailes need to be assassinated. There. I said it.

  4. Woot! Ti-Guys wins the thread.

  5. My boyfriend watches this stuff. It really matters to him what is said on the Morning Joe and the rest of these pundit shows, and he gets frustrated with me when he rants and I give him a blank stare in return.

    I stick to CBC Newsworld, RDI (even if I don’t understand all of it) and BBC World, which I get in New York with the Star Choice satellite TV dish I brought with me, and live in blissful ignorance. I understand he wants more American news than they provide but can’t get him to watch the Lehrer Newshour or another quality show like that.

    My stress level about national and world events is much much lower than his and I think I understand what’s going on in this country as well as he does, but I can’t get him to switch. It’s like dealing with an addict.

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