Are you now, or have you ever been…

Shorter Glenn Beck: Boo!

This is the second part of Beck’s week-long series since returning from his enforced furlough, called “New Republic” — a loony, fear-filled witch hunt for Communists, Marxists, 60s radicals, community organizers, and other such nefarious villains connected to President Obama (who is DESTROYING AMERICA!!!) or serving as ironically named “czars” in the administration.

Kookerrific Update: As if things couldn’t get worse, Beale… oops, I mean Beck, is joined by Michelle Malkin to affirm the insidious EVIL of the crazed leftist radicals, extremists and former terrorists that constitute the dark, menacing substrata of the Obama administration that’s threatening to demolish the Republic with their virulent anti-American ideology.

After the break, Glenn wheels out his handy flip chart to provide viewers with town hall talking points, um sorry, I mean “Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times.” For example, “DO PRESIDENT’S ADVISERS HAVE CRIMINAL RECORDS?” And so on.



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6 responses to “Are you now, or have you ever been…

  1. Joseph

    Oh no, the “Energy and Environment ‘Transition’ Commission” – the guest wasn’t able to find out anything about this shady sounding public group in New York. Egads! Cue the music from your earlier post. What could a committee like that possibly be doing? My God! I have a sneaky suspicion it has something to do with creating Green JOBS!

    I have to go . . . I just saw a Marxist outside my window. Yes, he’s, he’s taking my medicare! If you don’t hear from me in 24 hours, please flee. Save yourselves!!!!!!!!

  2. chavez is a wiseass?! who’da figgered?!


  3. Oh come, on don’t you remember when he followed Bush speaking at the U.N.? “The devil came here yesterday…. and it smells of sulfur still today,” he quipped.

    That was a pretty good zinger.

  4. Okhropir rumiani

    “When I get through with this country you won’t recognize it.”

    Where did I hear that one misquoted before?

    Seriously, somethings got to happen with Beck’s show. It just seems to be leading up to some sort of climax.

  5. sapphireandsteel

    and the latest in wingnuttery…

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