So Long, Teddy

Whether his longstanding dream of healthcare reform will live on remains to be seen, but the “liberal lion of the Senate” unfortunately won’t be around to see it realized. Sen. Ted Kennedy finally succumbed to mortal inevitability tonight, losing his year-long battle with brain cancer — dead at the age of 77*

I’m saddened by Kennedy’s death even though its imminent certainty was assured. He was a flawed man, to be sure, but also one that valiantly sought to redeem his honour and integrity over time through many decades of steadfast public service characterized by moral courage, relentless tenacity championing numerous worthy causes, and an abiding compassion for the common welfare of his fellow citizens.

I can’t think of a better tribute than his own eulogy to his slain brother as it seems to encapsulate the ideals that energized and motivated him…

The hope rises again and the dream lives on!

Doubtless, there will be much (covert) rejoicing amongst “conservatives” at the news of Kennedy’s death, but also perhaps some tinge of regret — at least insofar as one of their favourite objects of bone-idle vilification, ludicrous rhetorical excess, vicious personal attacks, and savage lampooning has now abruptly transitioned into comic irrelevancy. I wonder if some will even be sufficiently loony as to speculate that the timing of his death was a bit “fishy” or otherwise suspiciously contrived to advance Obama’s healthcare agenda…

*A figure that we note is actually three years later than the average male life expectancy in the USA, which ranks 45th on that score worldwide, just slightly ahead of Saudi Arabia and some former remote Polynesian colonies of France and the Netherlands.

Update: Feel free to document the atrocities. Or not.

Update2: Small Dead Vermin — Always a class act.

Update3: The lion roaring and all that. A brief tribute from the folks at Think Progress.

Are you now, or have you ever been…

Shorter Glenn Beck: Boo!

This is the second part of Beck’s week-long series since returning from his enforced furlough, called “New Republic” — a loony, fear-filled witch hunt for Communists, Marxists, 60s radicals, community organizers, and other such nefarious villains connected to President Obama (who is DESTROYING AMERICA!!!) or serving as ironically named “czars” in the administration.

Kookerrific Update: As if things couldn’t get worse, Beale… oops, I mean Beck, is joined by Michelle Malkin to affirm the insidious EVIL of the crazed leftist radicals, extremists and former terrorists that constitute the dark, menacing substrata of the Obama administration that’s threatening to demolish the Republic with their virulent anti-American ideology.

After the break, Glenn wheels out his handy flip chart to provide viewers with town hall talking points, um sorry, I mean “Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times.” For example, “DO PRESIDENT’S ADVISERS HAVE CRIMINAL RECORDS?” And so on.

Ominous Music Causes Panic in U.S.

Government officials have not determined the source of the music or what it could portend, but they urge Americans to avoid deserted mansions, woods, and eerily quiet lake cabins.

Officials hope to find music’s source by interrogating an old fisherman who speaks in riddles.

Jon Stewart vs. Betsy McCaughey

In case you missed this last week, this extended interview was a classic take-down by Stewart as he just demolished McCaughey’s insane talking points about healthcare reform. The clip here is just a brief excerpt edited for the Rachel Maddow Show but you really should check out the complete interview (much of which didn’t air on the TV show) at either Comedy Central or the Comedy Network for the full effect.

If you’re unfamiliar with McCaughey, James Fallows at The Atlantic sums her up this way:

Elizabeth “Betsy” McCaughey also needs no introduction to Atlantic readers. She has brought more misinformation, more often, more destructively into America’s consideration of health-policy issues than any other individual. She has no concept of “truth” or “accuracy” in the normal senses of those terms, as demonstrated last week when she went on The Daily Show. Virtually every statement she has made about health-reform proposals, from the Clinton era until now, has been proven to be false. It doesn’t slow her down.

Which rather begs the question as to why she receives so much attention from the media…

Coincidentally, in the wake of the TDS interview, which resulted in widespread ridicule of McCaughey’s claims, she immediately resigned from her position on the Cantel Medical board of directors.

The “Death Book” Spin

Two radically different views from Fox News and MSNBC on the so-called “Death Book” that’s become the latest ridiculous controversy in the healthcare debate. As they say, compare and contrast…