Damned Elitists!

“They [the Obamas] are smug, arrogant elitists.” — Rush Limbaugh

Um, yeah… Check out Rush’s digs:

El Rushbo's House

And savour this excerpt from a lengthy profile that appeared in the New York Times a few months ago:

“ANTICIPATING A QUESTION,” Limbaugh said when we pulled into the garage of his secluded beachfront mansion in Palm Beach, “why do I have so many cars?”

I hadn’t actually been wondering that. Very rich people tend not to stint on transportation. For example, we drove to the house from the studio, Limbaugh at the wheel, in a black Maybach 57S, which runs around $450,000 fully loaded. He had half a dozen similar rides on his estate.

“I have these cars for two reasons,” Limbaugh said. “First, they are for the use of my guests. And two, I happen to love fine automobiles.”
He also loves space. There are five homes — all of them his — on the property. The big house is 24,000 square feet. Limbaugh lives there with a cat. He’s been married three times but has no children.

Limbaugh informed me that I was the first journalist ever to enter his home. Mary Matalin, the Republican consultant, calls the place “aspirational,” which is one adjective that fits. The place, largely designed by Limbaugh himself, reflects the things and places he has seen and admired. The massive chandelier in the dining room, for example, is a replica of the one that hung in the lobby of the Plaza Hotel in New York. The gleaming cherry-wood floors are dotted with hand-woven oriental carpets. A life-size oil portrait of El Rushbo, as he often calls himself on the air, hangs on the wall of the main staircase.

Unlike many right-wing talk-show hosts, Limbaugh does not view France with hostility. On the contrary, he is a Francophile. His salon, he told me, is meant to suggest Versailles. His main guest suite, which I did not personally inspect, was designed as an exact replica of the presidential suite of the George V Hotel in Paris.

Limbaugh is especially proud of his two-story library, which is a scaled-down version of the library at the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. Cherubs dance on the ceiling, leatherbound collections line the bookshelves and the wood-paneled walls were once “an acre of mahogany.”

A fastidious man, Limbaugh has a keen eye for domestic detail. His staff lights fragrant candles throughout the house to greet his arrival from work each day. Limbaugh led me into his private humidor, selected two La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel stogies for us to smoke and seated me at an onyx-and-marble table in the study. The room opens onto a patio, a putting green and a beach. On the table was a brochure for Limbaugh’s newest airplane, a Gulfstream G550. It cost him, he told me, $54 million.

Really, what can you say about a man like this derisively calling others “elitist”?



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27 responses to “Damned Elitists!

  1. Ti-Guy

    That’s obscene.

  2. built himself a regular xanadu.


  3. Paul Raposo

    So when liberals have nice things that we’ve workied for, we are elitist. And when right-wingers have nice things they’re “aspirational”? Where’s his house located; Bizarro World Heights?

  4. Grammin

    Who gave that douche-bag the money for such extravagances? NM…..I think it is best not knowing.

  5. burpster

    How much room does one fat-fuck need?

  6. i could care less about the opulence. i get a kick outta the wellesian quality of it all, though. just rush and his own echo.


  7. ridenrain

    Little nicer than a subsidized condo in Torontio.

  8. “And his cat.”



  9. Does Rush remember what happened to the inhabitants of Versailles?

  10. Okhropir rumiani

    But.. but.. elitist is a state of MIND!

  11. counter-coulter

    Exactly Okhropir! Ya see, when Republicans have wads of cash and mansions, their the deserving recipients of what they’ve “earned” from a meritocracy. When Democrats are able to make a decent living for themselves it’s obviously the result of affirmative action and government welfare run amuck.

  12. Or they’re branded as “limousine liberals” guilty of being hypocrites because they don’t shed themselves of their wealth the way Republicans do of their principles and values.

  13. Okhropir rumiani

    Well, I was just viewing a clip of Rush talking to Barbara Walters, of all people, and he put for that elitism was an attitude.


  14. What a convenient rationalization.

  15. Okhropir rumiani

    In that interview it was mentioned Rush has, with a high estimate, about 18 million listeners. He signed a contract in 2008 for $38 million a year with a $100 million bonus.

    I’m guessing a boycott of his advertisers (like Beck) isn’t gonna do much. Compared to Rush Beck’s fart in a hurricane.

    I guess that was directed to you, Grammin.

  16. Tip Top

    Fastidious, is that a code word for homosexual?
    Google Limbaugh+gay and find out the truth.

  17. i don’t know who this tip top kid is, but i want him on my team. that’s some nifty lampoon.


  18. According to Wikipedia, his listenership is down to 14 million from 20 million in 2003 (Iraq War) and his negatives are way up. Still, he has the ear of the Republican elite as they marginalize their party further and further.


  19. Junk Limbaugh an “Elitist?”


    Junk is a self-loather. His immense, deserted estate is the physical manifestation of the void he’s spent his entire life attempting to fill.

    Christ, the metaphor is so obvious, it’s almost embarrassing.

  20. Ti-Guy

    No, there’s more to it than that. Limbaugh is part of and a tool of the oligarchy that controls America. It’s a distraction to see it simply as a manifestation of a personality disorder. Of course, that’s how the oligarchy wants average people to think about it, because it personalises it and removes much of the threat from the monstrosity he represents.

  21. Ti- By no means, do I minimize his self-loathing (I worked with addicts, and the “mentally ill” for years).

    Self-loathers can be extraordinarily dangerous (Stalin, Hitler, Custer, John Wayne Gacy, etc, etc).

    Limbaugh, however, is merely, as you suggest, a tool.

    His severe, almost debilitating, character flaws make him easy to manipulate. All they have to do is lavish him with money, and attention.

    Ultimately, he’s not the danger, as people such as Limbaugh are easily replaceable.

    For now, he is the messenger boy du jour, but inevitably his time will run out, and they will find someone else.

    Kind of how Coulter is slowly being replaced by the even nastier, more vicious Malkin.

    I love going after him, but I realize that ultimately, doing so is pointless because he is nothing but a symptom of the disease, not the cause.

  22. Ti-Guy

    You’d all be better off cutting off your cable and boycotting movies (I’d suggest cancelling newspaper and magazine subscriptions as well, but that’s taking care of itself). If millions of Americans decided to deprive the media complex of this important stream of revenue, the oligarchy would rethink the value of letting all of these miscreants use their bully pulpits to poison public discourse.

    If the media conglomerates wanted to get Rush off the air, they could….easily.

  23. I absolutely agree on all counts.

    Healthy, well adjusted, critical thinking human beings are dangerous.

  24. Scott

    You libs make me want to puke.

  25. Mission accomplished!

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