Selling Out Canada

The Vale-Inco strike is just another fine example of the Stephen Harper government Standing Up For Selling Out Canada.

Industry Minister Tony Clement (also responsible for the Northern Development Agency, locally dubbed “FedNot”) has excused both the Brazilian conglomerate Vale and the Swiss mining group Xstrata from living up to specific commitments made to satisfy Investment Canada when the firms purchased Inco and Falconbridge respectively in 2006.



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4 responses to “Selling Out Canada

  1. Would a Liberal government have behaved any differently? I am not so sure.

    The tentacles of Corporate Power have long ago been tightly-wound around the body politic.

    That does not excuse the government-of-the-day however …

  2. Probably not, I’m sad to say.

    But no, it doesn’t excuse the way the Conservatives are dealing with the matter.

  3. Tomm

    Fascinating story.

    I live in a place where mining has been an economic engine for 50 years and the mining companies don’t appear to be getting worse, they just don’t appear to be getting any better.

    But that does not excuse the governments from trying to put some rein on these enterprises.

    Clearly, there are things happening in Sudbury that the Federal and Provincial government need to be discussing.

    How much are these people getting paid and what is the $ side of the issue?

  4. Moebius

    CPC, LPC, no difference. I’m voting for everyone on my next ballot. It’s the “fuck all of you” option.

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