Cons Get Tough on Immigration

Granny vs Kenney-Blue Meanie

Drawing once again on his unfailing knack for savvy public relations, Immigration minister Jason Kenney has refused several requests on compassionate grounds that would have allowed 69 yr. old Stefania Elzbieta Magdziak, a blind Polish grandmother who’s lived in Toronto for more than a decade, to remain in the country with her family.

Way to go Conservatives! That’ll show all these deadbeat, no-goodnik immigrant scoflaws that they can’t mess around with the Stephen Harper government of Canada…



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38 responses to “Cons Get Tough on Immigration

  1. Ti-Guy

    It’s time someone outed Jason Kenney. As *what* I’m not too sure.

  2. so much for ‘family values’ from the blue man group 😉

  3. Tomm

    I think our host is portraying Jason Kenney as a “blue meanie” from the movie Yellow Submarine.

    Blue Meanies were bad and the heroes of the movie, the Beatles, successfully fought to save Pepperland.

    Unless there is more to this story then what I’ve read, Jason Kenney does indeed look like a Blue Meanie. A poor old blind lady with no family back in her mother country sent away because of red tape and her status as a scoflaw.


    Tomm — Quite right. To remove any doubt, I’ve updated the pic. 🙂


  4. What more could be to the story – terrorist? Gay? Not WASP?

    Considering the importance of their elderly by the ethnics – not a good way to buy votes.

  5. Tomm

    no, this will not be buying the CPC any votes.

  6. Ti-Guy

    no, this will not be buying the CPC any votes.

    Conservatives will buy any spin the Party puts on this, which is “tough on law and order…tough on furriners who abuse our generous immigration and refugee system. Moral clarity, rubes…er…citizens!”

    One of these days, we’re going to catch Harper off the record, after making some kind of rube-gulling statement, saying “There. That oughta hold the little sons o’ bitches.”

  7. hemmingforddogblog

    As a Blogging Tory would say, “There’s more to this story than meets the eye!”

  8. Bob

    “Magdziak joined them several months later as a visitor and never left. She blamed an unscrupulous immigration consultant for making her file a failed refugee claim, which under immigration laws, means she has to leave Canada or a warrant will be issued for her arrest.”

    It’s her own fault, she can make application from Poland.

    You bleeding hearts are fucking pathetic!

  9. sapphireandsteel

    What’s your excuse Bob? Mommy dropped you too many times as a baby?

  10. Bob

    S&S, the STD poster pukes.

  11. sapphireandsteel

    lol, that was so weak Bob.

  12. Ti-Guy

    You bleeding hearts are fucking pathetic!

    Then why do we rattle you and panic you and send you into fits of incontinent hysteria so often?

  13. Bob

    Dream on Ti-Girly, you limp wristed tart.

  14. sapphireandsteel

    That pic of Kenney keeps making me think of this.

  15. Ti-Guy

    Dream on Ti-Girly, you limp wristed tart.

    I know you were sobbing and shaking when you wrote that and are now sitting in a puddle of your own pee. Is mommy around to help you?

  16. I don’t think I’d want to drink the juice that came out of Kenney. 😉

    More Bob’s (or is it Matt?) type of bevvy I’d think.

  17. Libby

    Martin you old cocksucker wipe that off of your face.

  18. “Libby” of course would be “Bob” aka “Matt”

    IP # — Surrey, B.C.

    Get a life, wanker.

  19. Ti-Guy

    Is there anything non-shitty that comes out of Surrey, BC?

  20. Geez, Bob aka Matt – can actually swear and write it down as well – amazing intellectual.

    He’s learned to call names and use the “F” bomb – he must have reached 7 or 8 – isn’t that when boys get their jollies swearing and name calling?

  21. Oh, I forgot – when little boys learn to swear, etc. they also do fart jokes.

  22. philosoraptor

    Given the Bob has also used the ‘goof’ insult in the past, I would guess he’s been through the prison system, too – on one side of the bars or the other.

    The only people that I know that take that insult to heart all have an incarcerated background, whether though their job or through their mistakes.

  23. Ti-Guy

    That’s not a little boy. That’s a very disturbed adult.

  24. Who’s the Conservative riding president in Surrey I wonder…?

  25. Drake

    Ipsos-Reid Aug 18th to 20th:

    CPC: 39
    LPC: 28
    NDP: 14
    GPC: 10
    BQ: 8

    The Conservatives appear to be striking a cord with the Canadian public.

  26. Blues Clair

    The poll, spreads like wildfire.

  27. Grammin

    Interesting poll, and as a CFC supporter I find little comfort in it as they get caught doing something really small and stupid to a little old lady.

  28. Ti-Guy

    The Contards are posting those poll results everywhere and pretending to have multiple orgasms.

  29. wilson

    It is a heartbreaker, and should have been dealt with 10 years ago, before it got to this point.

    Perhaps people on ‘visitor’ passes should have to check out when they promised to,
    or are immediately deported,
    not 11 years later.

    The article only says Granny can’t get services back home,
    so I assume she has other family members she can depend on
    or she would have been allowed to stay on humanitarian grounds.

  30. Ti-Guy

    Perhaps people on ‘visitor’ passes should have to check out when they promised to,
    or are immediately deported,

    Wilson wants the government to track the movements of people in this country. How small government of her.

    Stupid whore.

  31. sapphireandsteel

    ain’t “compassionate” conservatism grand!

  32. Ti-Guy

    Like I’ve always said…they’re frivolous about serious things and serious about frivolous things.

  33. Libby

    August 23, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    That’s not a little boy. That’s a very disturbed adult.”

    Now there’s a prime example of projection for all of you psych ward inhabitants, take your meds!!!!!

  34. Zzzzzz.

    Get new material, wanker. You’re boring.

  35. Hey! Surrey’s a great place – and we have a ton of Liberals here too – including one of BC’s few Liberal MPs (more to come next election).

    As far as that “poll” commissioned by “Fox-News-North” aka Global… remember, this is the summer “silly season”. Incumbents always do much better during the summer BBQ circuit. Bet me if that doesn’t change the moment Parliament doesn’t reconvene and three opposition parties began a withering attack on a government that has put us into the largest debt in Canadian history (and the largest deficits). Our great, great, great grandkids are going to hate us for this!

    Oh… and on the economy… This little “shart” of a “recovery” is a joke. Look at charts of recent recessions… Unfortunately there are a lot of crappy “0 Down, 40 Year” Conserva-Mortgages out there, that are coming up for renewal… and ridiculous job losses…

  36. Edith Grove

    Jason Kenney is a dick. How this fucken right-wing redneck racist shithead ever got to be Immigration Minister is beyond me. Look at the way the moron dresses, he looks like one of those greasy southern USA evangelical swindlers, only just a little bit uglier.

  37. And Edith raises the level of debate from sewer to “Jason Kenney is wrong because of how he looks.”

    Wasn’t there a time when certain people used that same argument regarding, oh, visible minorities 🙂

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