Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!


Shorter Hunter: A handful of people posted some “mean” remarks when pointing out my fact-challenged partisanship, catastrophic stupidity and phenomenal ignorance, so now I’m not going to allow any of these “lefty trolls” who disagree with me to post any comments whatsoever!

Free speech, ladies and gentlemen — Bloggin’ Tory style.

Irony Bonus: This from the same person who once claimed (absent evidence of any kind) that, “The lefties attack free speech… because it doesn’t agree with their tiny little minds, no room in there for thought nor the ability to understand different viewpoints.”

More “Hunter” Fun Update: Here’s another lovely bit of comedy from the blogger who’s perpetually (and unsuccessfully) clawing her way “out of the dark” apparently.

Lefties, it’s okay for them to protest (they love Acorn and unions), but when ordinary Americans try it, they are unAmerican, Astroturfers and besides that, they are too well dressed to be real protesters. That is what the lefties do, they hire protesters, usually homeless people, so they expect the same slimy behaviour from their opponents. They can not understand that these are real Americans, who are concerned about their health care.

As a last resort, they swear and name call, like my little trolls. Dim bulbs.

There you go folks, “Lefties” aren’t “real Americans” they’re hired homeless people, union thugs or community activists (usually poor, urban blacks). Similarly, she has described “Lefties” in the past as “weak, pathetic excuses for real Canadians.” It seems that only “conservatives” are “real” citizens in Hunter’s world. Isn’t that cute?

Additionally, she’s branded liberals as: corrupt, disgusting, slimy, dim, immoral, unprincipled, socialist thugs and wimps that are “destroying our country!” Thank goodness she doesn’t engage in name calling because that would be like… you know, massively hypocritical.


41 Replies to “Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!”

  1. If she truly felt her opinions could withstand debate, she would allow them to withstand debate.

    All she has done is prove the opposite of what she says.

  2. Hunter is priceless when she accuses all Liberals of stealing money and links to SmallDeadBraincells…. The facts of Adscam are fairly well known, she prefers to link to shrieking crazy…

    Free speech, only if you agree with me….

  3. Oh NO! Oh NO!

    It’s all over!!!!!

    Thanks for playing Libby.


    I think “Boob” is under the misapprehension that folks here actually give a shit about a late summer poll. LOL What a maroon.


  4. I’m not sure who’s dumber — “Dodo” or “Hunter”…

    There’s so much fierce competition for that lowest rung of the BT step ladder.

  5. I think Hunter is dumber. Her “gentile mutilation” is a classic, doncha think? Or “Peter’s Principals”, or folks who speak Mexican…there’s serious entertainment value here!

  6. “Big difference between free speech and harrassment RT.”

    Not really wilson, any good lawyer or smart person can easily argue many examples you may cite as “free speech” as harassment.

    Then again you aren’t a good lawyer nor a smart person (cutting and pasting talking points isn’t smart) so I’m not surprised you can’t see that.

  7. “Big difference between free speech and harrassment RT.”

    Oh wilson, you old hypocrite you.

    How many times have people on your favourite haunts called me a whore, a slut, demanded: “blow me”, mocked me for being “barren” etc etc, and you have said nothing.

    So stop your pathetic whine about how you are treated so badly over on liblogs. The real problem is you only dare to venture over here when you think you have something to crow about. Your comments are nothing more than recycled talking points from CPC central, and when you are called on them you start whining about how mean and nasty people are to you because you are a woman.

    You give women a bad name.

  8. Nice try Shilson. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that Hunter can dish it out, but she can’t take it. She’s got absolutely no problem deriding “leftys” for everything under the sun (usually based on complete nonsense, an ignorant misreading of any given situation, or simply stuff she pulls out of her backside), but if you call her on it, then she goes into indignant victim mode and claims she’s being “harassed” by those mean, thuggish “lefties”… How pathetic.

  9. Wilson, have you noticed that there is no comment moderation on this blog, or CC’s blog or any of the other progressive blogs? Wingnut blogs, excuse me, the right wing blogs ALL have comment moderation on. It’s because we have “facts” on our side.

    Try and post a fact on Hunter’s blog and she (with her little sycophants) go full metal nuts. “We don’t need no stinkin’ facts here Leftard! Abscam! Abscam!”

    That is the level of discourse on the right. Well, we won’t even go into RightGirl…down right creepy.

  10. There are a handful of “conservative” sites that don’t moderate, but they’re more the exception than the rule.

    For some reason it’s a far more common practice here in Canada than is the case down south.

  11. Personally, I could care less if Wingnuts censor or not. I’m no longer interested in having a conversation with them, as it is pointless.

    You may as well debate a table (Barney Frank).

    Their denial is so overpowering facts disintegrate once they get within 50 feet.

    I was involved in an Evolution/Creationism debate not long ago on a Wingnut site. One of the so-called “Experts” they rolled out was, in fact, a mentally ill former professor who makes it his personal mission to fuck with people in the real world. As an example, he attempted to have another professor, with whom he debated (PZ Myers), fired from his place of employ by engaging in a campaign of harassment.

    I pointed this out, provided links, and lo and behold, not only were all of my comments deleted, but the thread was soon closed.

    Douche Bags.

    As for comment moderation in lower North America, I think some of it has to do with Spam.

    I know that’s why I use it, as I sometimes receive 10-15 spam comments, trackbacks, pings, etc per day because they’re attempting to leech off my Pagerank (Which no longer even makes sense because my Pagerank decreased after my 7 month layoff).

    I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you don’t check for a few days, it’s bloody annoying to delete 30-35 comments.

    Anyway, that may explain it.

  12. Ok.. wading in..

    Basically RT’s right. Seems to me if we post a blog to the world, and open it up for commentary, we have to be ready to defend the stuff we write, or at least be thick-skinned enough to weather the storm of criticism, even when the attacks are unwarranted and abusive.

    Otherwise, the blog is nothing but encouraging readers to drink the kool-aid.

    On my own blog, I’ve censored ONE post, when a wingnut started attacking Jewish people and going no about zionist conspiracy.

    Otherwise, if we want free speech (and most on the right seem to be big proponents) that includes speech which attacks us.

  13. Wonder why Steve V hasn’t joined the chorus?….
    It’s his blog, his property, and can ban who ever he wants to, and does so, often.
    Commentors are visitors, and the blog owner has every right to control the message,
    because they are also liable.

    Yes Gayle, admit I did see you called a wh… once,
    it may even have been on Hunters site.
    Yet another reason why comment moderation can be used to control the creeps.

  14. Excuses, excuses… “conservatives” have a million of them to defend their own gutless hypocrisy and pathetic victimhood.

    As for the “liable” card, that’s crap. If a comment is potentially libelous towards someone, it can always been deleted with a notation to that effect. It would also be an extremely rare (as in virtually unheard of) to hold a site owner responsible for things said in the comments of their blog unless they encouraged and/or endorsed such libel.

    Regarding “controlling the message” where does a site owner get off trying to control what other people say? I realize many bloggers do this, but then all you end up with is a phenomenally boring echo-chamber.

    I guess some people like “Hunter” just like to hear the sound of their own voice reverberating through the comments of ass-kissing sycophants.

  15. “I would totally agree with you Rob,
    if commentors (sic) didn’t hide behind fake names or anons.”

    Shilson: Everyone has a “nom de internet” — on both sides of the aisle. So what! Has nothing to do with comment moderation.

  16. I think any blog which is little more than any particular group (liberal, conservative, whatever) listing to the sound of their own “ass kissing sycophants” isn’t much of a blog at all.. I mean, if we aren’t challenged, we aren’t really growing.

    RT’s blog today, for example, is more interesting for the broad differences of opinion.. so, if anything, we should welcome challenges on our blogs to our own point of view.

    Doesn’t mean we have to accept them.

  17. And, I don’t know.. perhaps I”ll live to regret it, but if I’m going to put my opinions on the line, I guess I’d better be prepared to sign my name at the bottom.

  18. wilson – I don’t care what people call me. I only point out what a hypocrite you are. Just this morning, on BCL’s site, you were scolding me for not stepping in on your behalf when you felt TG was insulting you as a woman. And now here you are, admitting you are guilty of the same thing.

    Funny that.

  19. you were scolding me for not stepping in on your behalf when you felt TG was insulting you as a woman.

    Gawd, what a whiner. She’s spent years whoring around Conservative talking-points at Liberal/progressive blogs (all the while abusing *liberal* commenting policies) and then starts shrieking and hiking her skirts because I called her a whore.

    Wilson’s a piece of work. A vile, disgusting, cretinous smear-monger and liar. And this faux-outrage just proves it.

    Whore. WHORE!


  20. It’s especially funny coming from these nattering nitwits who (Wilson being somewhat of an exception to the rule here because she likes to spread her propaganda) cower in their select group of friendly echo chambers, never venturing out to share their “opinions” where they might be openly challenged without all of the phony constrictions and bogus trappings of “civility” (i.e., they can attack you, but don’t you dare fight back, or if you do make sure you couch everything in the utmost polite, apologetic tones…) people like “Hunter” (or “Joanne” or “Sandy Crux” to name just a couple of the worst offenders) use to batten down the hatches on any discussions about the specious nonsense they post.

  21. I love the tales of rounding up and mobilizing the homeless for political ends, brings to mind the Old Brewery Mission caper.

    Per a retrospective, Oct 2 2007 in the Montreal Gazette:

    “There’s little political capital in helping the homeless. The state of shelters can’t compete with that of hospital ERs for media coverage. As well, unlike shelters for down-and-out women, which get several times more government funding per capita, the men’s version lacks a vocal lobby. Then, too, the shelters’ clients aren’t big voters (or, at least, they haven’t been since 1983 when, in an immortal caper, Brian Mulroney’s team during the Conservative leadership campaign offered free beer to Old Brewery Mission clients to climb on a bus and pack a delegate selection meeting.)”

    Raiding the homeless shelters to pack a leadership convention. Ah, the glory days, they were full of adventure.

  22. I don’t know, “Red Tory”, I feel that you claimed the gutter crown when you published details of a personal email, in which a certain person expressed condolences for the miserable turn of events in your life no less, so you could score political points off a “conservative” with your sycophantic internet buddies.

    What you call “free speech”, most people would call the obscene acts of a provocateur. Of course, we realize this is all just a game to people like yourself. Doubtless the last time you attempted to use inflammatory language to a person willing to put those front chiclets down the back of your throat was probably about the same time you learned that a red substance called blood could emanate from orifices in your face when hit hard enough by a fist. By that estimate, you were probably 6 or 7 when you learned to refrain from doling out your threats, taunts, and teasing until a forum was invented which offered you the personal security and safety to carry on.

    In that sense the advent of the internet must have been quite liberating for you. Revel in it, Red.

  23. I feel that you claimed the gutter crown when you published details of a personal email…

    How come I missed that drama?

  24. “Doubtless the last time you attempted to use inflammatory language to a person willing to put those front chiclets down the back of your throat was probably about the same time you learned that a red substance called blood could emanate from orifices in your face when hit hard enough by a fist.”

    Hulk Smash!

  25. RA — I don’t know, “Red Tory”, I feel that you claimed the gutter crown when you published details of a personal email…

    As KEv said, there’s no need to stand on formality there “Raphael” — you can call me Martin. Plenty of others do, but most prefer RT or whatever by choice.

    Sorry I spilled the beans on your pathetic little charade.

    What you call “free speech”, most people would call the obscene acts of a provocateur.

    Well, aren’t you Miss Prissy Pants? Pretty rich coming from a race-baiting windbag like you.

    Of course, we realize this is all just a game to people like yourself.

    Oh that’s right, I forgot… you’re a big time “journalist” now, aren’t you? Writing for the National Post… How impressive. Nice company you keep there too — Steve Janke, Kathy Shaidle, Kate McMillan. What a stellar crew.

    Doubtless the last time… blah, blah, blah, blah

    Zzzzz. Sorry, I nodded off during your pompous, wordy little screed.

    By the way, congratulations on becoming a qualified psychologist in addition to a scribe extraordinaire and whatever else it is you claim to do for a living.

  26. Ti-Guy

    How come I missed that drama?

    Yeah T-G, I missed out on that one too. I guess Raphael must’ve sent an email expressing deep sympathy for RT’s personal situation only to have Red callously post it and mocked it with his signature “look who expressed empathy for me! ha ha ha…what a pussy!” or something to that effect.

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