Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!


Shorter Hunter: A handful of people posted some “mean” remarks when pointing out my fact-challenged partisanship, catastrophic stupidity and phenomenal ignorance, so now I’m not going to allow any of these “lefty trolls” who disagree with me to post any comments whatsoever!

Free speech, ladies and gentlemen — Bloggin’ Tory style.

Irony Bonus: This from the same person who once claimed (absent evidence of any kind) that, “The lefties attack free speech… because it doesn’t agree with their tiny little minds, no room in there for thought nor the ability to understand different viewpoints.”

More “Hunter” Fun Update: Here’s another lovely bit of comedy from the blogger who’s perpetually (and unsuccessfully) clawing her way “out of the dark” apparently.

Lefties, it’s okay for them to protest (they love Acorn and unions), but when ordinary Americans try it, they are unAmerican, Astroturfers and besides that, they are too well dressed to be real protesters. That is what the lefties do, they hire protesters, usually homeless people, so they expect the same slimy behaviour from their opponents. They can not understand that these are real Americans, who are concerned about their health care.

As a last resort, they swear and name call, like my little trolls. Dim bulbs.

There you go folks, “Lefties” aren’t “real Americans” they’re hired homeless people, union thugs or community activists (usually poor, urban blacks). Similarly, she has described “Lefties” in the past as “weak, pathetic excuses for real Canadians.” It seems that only “conservatives” are “real” citizens in Hunter’s world. Isn’t that cute?

Additionally, she’s branded liberals as: corrupt, disgusting, slimy, dim, immoral, unprincipled, socialist thugs and wimps that are “destroying our country!” Thank goodness she doesn’t engage in name calling because that would be like… you know, massively hypocritical.

Cons Get Tough on Immigration

Granny vs Kenney-Blue Meanie

Drawing once again on his unfailing knack for savvy public relations, Immigration minister Jason Kenney has refused several requests on compassionate grounds that would have allowed 69 yr. old Stefania Elzbieta Magdziak, a blind Polish grandmother who’s lived in Toronto for more than a decade, to remain in the country with her family.

Way to go Conservatives! That’ll show all these deadbeat, no-goodnik immigrant scoflaws that they can’t mess around with the Stephen Harper government of Canada…

Selling Out Canada

The Vale-Inco strike is just another fine example of the Stephen Harper government Standing Up For Selling Out Canada.

Industry Minister Tony Clement (also responsible for the Northern Development Agency, locally dubbed “FedNot”) has excused both the Brazilian conglomerate Vale and the Swiss mining group Xstrata from living up to specific commitments made to satisfy Investment Canada when the firms purchased Inco and Falconbridge respectively in 2006.