Destroying Canada’s Medicare System…

Through the re-importation of prescription pharmaceuticals.

This is a simply brilliant plan by Louisiana Sen. David Vitter — cause the system of price controls in Canada (and world-wide) to “implode” thereby lowering costs for U.S. consumers. Yeah, right… like that’s going to happen.

I loved this comment on the TPM TV channel to this video:

I live in Canada and just finished my visit to the local death panel. The doctors there gave me one month to live. I picked May, 2026!


By the way, I think this answers the question sometimes asked as to why we in Canada should be concerned about the healthcare debate going on south of the border.



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7 responses to “Destroying Canada’s Medicare System…

  1. Ti-Guy

    Go for it, Diaper Dave.

  2. Their such lunatics. And to believe that the costs would go down.

  3. I wonder if his diapers are covered under his plan.

  4. gonegold

    Is this man really that stupid?

  5. A: Yep.

    He’s also another one of these Bible-thumping hypocrites that got caught whoring around Washington.

  6. He’s also got an Ethics complaint against him – something to do with campaigning and funding.

  7. vitter the shitter is still around? huh. still stuck on stupid too.

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