Family View of Government

Not sure that I can agree with Lakoff’s theory about differing views regarding government and free markets between “liberals” and “conservatives” being largely based on their family history (i.e., authoritarian as opposed to nurturing) as it seems overly simplistic, but there may be an element of truth in it.

More about Lakoff’s metaphoric model and how the two types of families relate to contrasting views of government can be found here.

O’Reilly Channels Jesus

I sort of wonder why Bill O even had the good sister on his program seeing as he barely let her get a word in edge-wise, instead spending most of the “interview” reiterating paranoid misinformation about healthcare reform and imagining what Jesus would say if he was on The Factor

Fox News: The New “Liberal MSM”

On The Daily Show yesterday, Stewart demonstrated how “conservative” rhetoric on Fox has flipped since the election of President Obama. As Gawker put it:

Stewart and his staff dug deep into the archives to find some great footage of various Fox News personalities vehemently condemning the very behaviors that they’re now so enthusiastically championing, like criticizing the president during a time of war and taking to the streets in protests. These are the types of things that liberals do! So Fox News = the new liberals!

The quality of these videos isn’t very good, but you can always go to the Comedy Network site for a better version (or if these are removed for copyright violation).

The hypocrisy is astounding, but oh so predictable.

Destroying Canada’s Medicare System…

Through the re-importation of prescription pharmaceuticals.

This is a simply brilliant plan by Louisiana Sen. David Vitter — cause the system of price controls in Canada (and world-wide) to “implode” thereby lowering costs for U.S. consumers. Yeah, right… like that’s going to happen.

I loved this comment on the TPM TV channel to this video:

I live in Canada and just finished my visit to the local death panel. The doctors there gave me one month to live. I picked May, 2026!


By the way, I think this answers the question sometimes asked as to why we in Canada should be concerned about the healthcare debate going on south of the border.

Four Minutes of “Hate”

Choice excerpts from right-wing talk radio over the past two days… Be amazed!

I wish Media Matters wouldn’t use the word “hate” to describe this nonsense. Maybe “Vile Flatulence” would be more appropriate.

One comment in particular I enjoyed was the exchange between Rush Limbaugh and a caller complaining that he recently broke his wrist and his medical bills were $6,000. Rush’s response was “Well, you shouldn’t have broken your wrist.” There are many other such compassionate gems included here.

Stop Healthcare Reform Madness!

Another great cartoon by Mark Fiore.

In light of the rumoured death of the “public option” in the Democrats’ healthcare reform proposals, it’s quite amusing to see the exuberance with which right-wing bloggers are celebrating the perpetuation of a system that costs twice as much as other industrialized countries, ranks it 37th in the world (behind Costa Rica and just ahead of Slovenia), leaves 50-70 million uninsured, and drives a million people a year into bankruptcy. Go figure.