Civility of the Right – Part XXXVI

Angry Bear

Ah, yes… consider how we “lefties” are constantly scolded by sanctimonious, morally superior right-wing blog pundits about how liberals are so rottenly “mean” and “nasty” and all we do is engage in acrimonious name-calling, vile ad hominem attacks, personal insults, and so on.

Well, behold the raging torrent of toxic bile that lurks just beneath the thin veneer of the so-called “civility” that they’re forever nattering on about:

As I have noted with footnotes and authoritative citations previously, Contessa Brewer is a dirty, lying, pus-mouthed whore.

A cheap, sore-riddled nasty bit of gutterscrunge who’ll rent you her mouth for the change in your pocket.

A tawdry wallow-trollop oozing with syphilitic fester who raises her filthy skirts at the scent of crack-smoke.

A disease-dripping pincushion, the media’s vile mattress of last resort, a pathogen in garish vinyl high heels, a loose-toothed croup-breathed nightcrawler reeking of bathtub gin, fungicide, and the genetic stink of human desperation.

A skanky bit of mung-trash sloughing off diseased skin like a leprous snake. (A leprous snake who whores out her verminous cloaca for two bits a pop, I mean.)

This sad clown of a whore, oozing with foul custard and slack and sloppy as an over-used trash bag, is too stupid to know how to lie judiciously, and so lies promiscuously and wantonly, demonstrating all the discretion she once showed in junior high when her nickname was “Automatic” Brewer.

By the way: No, I don’t think Contessa Brewer really “did” this. She’s too stupid. She doesn’t have that kind of responsibility. Her job is to wear a wonderbra, eat rice pudding with a “safety spoon,” blow the line producer, and read the phonetically-spelled questions someone else writes for her.

Now, granted the prominent right-wing blogger “Ace of Spades” has a perfectly legitimate grievance about the skewed coverage of the piece in question by MSNBC… but holy shit, that’s a whole lot of hateful, misogynistic anger he’s got bottled up inside it seems.

Anyway, the prosecution rests. Bookmark it for future reference whenever some self-righteous conbot starts prattling on about the incivility of the left.

Credits: Canadian Cynic, TBogg.

Stealth Campaigning

You have to be amazed (if not even somewhat impressed in a perverse fashion) at the galling duplicity of corporate interests that officially claim to support legislation that would reform their industry or help contribute to solving global environmental issues, while on the other hand funding stealth “grassroots” organizations to vocally and angrily protest against those very same initiatives.

The second part of the video can be seen here.

Going for Broke

Harper of the Corn

So, Harper is going to push full-out for a majority government premised on the need for stability, while fear-mongering about the scarrrrry possible alternative Liberal minority or coalition government.

Good. Perhaps we’ll finally discover what the Tories have in mind should they form a majority government. It will all be lies, of course, but should be interesting to see what the nature of their stated agenda is.

Gratuitous Anti-Harper Update: Just because I really enjoy offending all the fake, sanctimonious “Moms” out there…

Harper Crackettes

Looks like a caption contest to me!

Why Do Lefties* Hate Capitalism?

Oh, there goes that Wendell Potter, former Communications Director of Cigna, again… Clearly, the man’s “epiphany” since leaving the insurance industry has turned him into a rabid Communist!!! How else can you explain his criticism of health insurance companies for wanting to shift 35% of medical expenses onto the backs of its paying customers that have the reckless temerity to get sick?

What’s the problem? I mean, doesn’t every American have $7,000 on hand should they need to stay in hospital? And just because health care premiums have increased on the average by about 119% over the last 10 years, it’s not like wages haven’t gone up by the same rate… right? Look, the average family premium (for those who are healthy and have no pre-existing conditions) is still only a highly affordable $13,000/yr. Sheesh! These deadbeat lefties are such whiners! Hey, there’s no free lunch, Commies!!!

*Anybody opposed to unrestrained corporate rape and pillage.