Countdown: WPITW

As predicted by some commenters here earlier today, the usual suspects on the right-wing naturally sided with the whacked-out, Obama-hating woman at Barney Frank’s town hall meeting the other day.

By the way, if you’re unfamiliar with the Bill Hicks reference at the end there, I’ll save you the trouble of looking it up. WARNING: Not work-safe material!

Update: And seeing as we’re considering people living on another planet entirely… Dodo Can Completely Get the Wrong End of the Stick. Somehow (it’s beyond me exactly how) Maria thinks that the woman in the video who’s holding a poster of Obama defaced to look like Hitler and asking Barney Frank why he’s defending “Nazi” policies is… get this: “a lefty nutjob”! Huh? Good grief, what an idiot.

PM Cyborg on Ice

Stephen Harper-Cyborg

After boldly reiterating his credo that “resistance is futile!” in response to imagined threats to Canada’s sovereignty over future oil drilling and mining sites (or anything, really) in the far reaches of the country’s desolate northern territories as the effects of socialistic “global warming” take hold, the nation’s first fully cybernetic Prime Minister and “conservative” leader Stephen Harper launched his umpteenth effort to demonstrate his “genuine” and synthetically heartfelt affinity for the vast arctic wasteland that comprises much of the country by repeatedly referring to its aboriginal inhabitants as people “with unwiped bums” and promising to eat raw seal before delivering a handful of virtually useless and militarily ineffective multi-million dollar coastal “slush-breakers” to local communities within the next 10 years or so…

h/t: Again to S&S in the comments.

p.s. Paging Michael Dukakis… I’m just sayin’ — If Ignatieff strapped on this kind of garb for a photo-op, right-wing bloggers would have had a field day.

Great Minds Think Alike Update:
Okay, not much of a leap required here. This is a completely non-partisan observation — pols ALWAYS look awkward and completely ridiculous whenever donning military garb (or even hard hats, for that matter). It would be great if they all ceased engaging in these cringe-inducing photo-ops and perhaps just quietly visited military facilities, manufacturing plants, distribution centres, or whatever without spinning the occasion into a superficial media stunt.

Obama Entering “Depressive” Stage

White House officials now admit that President Barack Obama’s extreme confidence and total euphoria about the notions of “hope” and “change” during the last three years were merely symptoms of a prolonged manic episode resultant from his chronic bi-polar disorder.


CTV News Typo

You’d think that in a story mentioning the fact that “Iqualuit” (as misspelled in the PMO press release) actually means people “with unwiped bums,” CTV might have made the effort not to repeat the mistake themselves.

Updated: The “typo” has now been fixed.

Frankly, My Dear…

Barney Frank offers a classic comeback to ridiculous question from a wingnut at his town hall meeting yesterday.

Update: Speaking of deranged, teabagging right-wing whackaloons and their gratuitous Hitler references with regards to President Obama and the proposed healthcare/health insurance reform plans in the works, here’s Pamela Pilger, a self-described “life-long Republican” being interviewed by the local CBS (Eeek! It’s the “liberal” MSM!!!) TV station just prior to the town hall where she inexplicably shouted “Heil Hitler” to a Jewish man speaking favourably about the Israeli system of universal healthcare.

According to Mrs. Pilger (whose husband is presently uninsured and yet works 2½ jobs), healthcare is “not a natural born right” and “nobody is obligated to give you healthcare… nobody’s obligated to give you anything.”

h/t: Sapphire & Steel in the comments for link to the viddy.

A Progressive Line in the Sand

Well, it’s about time! Good on Jane Hamsher, the folks at Firedoglake and other liberal web activists for their tireless efforts in finally galvanizing the (hereto absent) spine of progressive Democrats.

Putting this same sentiment into a Canadian perspective, what are the lines in the sand which “progressives” are unwilling to compromise on when it comes to the Liberal Party? What issues are they prepared to hold Michael Ignatieff and his team to account on should there be an election in the fall?

It’s a somewhat idle question at this point of course because the Liberal Party hasn’t articulated anything beyond platitudes and frothy bromides for the most part. Whatever “plan” they’ve apparently devised — that Warren Kinsella unsurprisingly claims is “the best” — remains completely shrouded in secrecy… at least from the rubes expected to vote for it whenever the opposition decides the time is right for a change in government.

Still, it would interesting to know what core principles Liberal supporters are absolutely not willing to bend on when it comes to the environment, healthcare, childcare, balancing the budget, and so on…