Campbell’s Double-Crossing “Liberals”

Gordon Campbell

Michael Smyth of The Province details some of the B.C. “Liberals” more outrageous policy flip-flops since the most recent election.

The bolt-from-the-blue on July 23 that British Columbia will merge its provincial sales tax with the federal GST — slamming previously PST-exempt goods and services with a shocking new tax — is only the most stunning example in a series of political jaw-droppers.

Throw in health-care cuts, an exploding budget deficit and vaporized e-mail evidence in the B.C. Rail corruption trial and it’s no wonder Campbell and company are suddenly facing a summer of discontent after cruising to their spring election win

I really don’t know why anyone should be in the least bit surprised by this. After all, a party whose very name is predicated on a shameless LIE could hardly be expected to do anything but. Like Aesop’s scorpion, it’s their nature.

More NHS Backlash

What a shame that the Stephen Harper government seems quite unconcerned by our healthcare system being similarly treated as a punching bag in the debate over reform in the United States.

Having completely fixed our system a couple of years ago (you know, as part of their “Stand up for Canada!” platform), one might think they’d be more inclined to defend it from being vilified by right-wing hacks south of the border.

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