The Burning Stupid

A teenage Christian girl and her “regular” friend attempt to convert their Indian friend who, unsurprisingly, happens to believe in the Hindu faith.

If you can stick it out to the bitter end (hard to do, I’ll admit), there are some important, albeit saddening, conclusions that can be drawn from this little exercise.



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15 responses to “The Burning Stupid

  1. knb

    I think Saraa should reconsider her stance on hell…she clearly just experienced it 😉

  2. Ti-Guy

    It’s remarkable to notice how more mature the Indian girl is than her poorly-socialised and profoundly ignorant friends.

  3. Jay

    Christians always seem to impose on others. Whether screaming at you on a street corner about Jesus or interrupting your free/family time by pounding on your door and violating your privacy with craziness and bronze age superstitions to the point of almost threatening you. Begging for money.

    These people really need to get a “real” life.

  4. how can those christies be that ignorant (“she’s like an african who wants to be asian or something”). how can one be alive in the “information age” and remain so mind-bogglingly retarded?

    the sad part is, they both can aspire to be a 1/2-term governor of alaska…POTUS 2012.

  5. Ti-Guy

    how can one be alive in the “information age” and remain so mind-bogglingly retarded?

    The “Information Age” is part of the problem. Despite what the techno-exuberant say, information technology is making us more stupider. You just cannot entertain a complex argument if you are no longer required to retain even the most rudimentary facts.

    It’s not these kids who worry me. It’s their parents.

  6. Maybe part of the problem is that they have loads of useless “information” but precious little knowledge about the world around them.

  7. Anne

    It’s no trouble to see that these two white girls have been brainwashed into a born again fundamental belief system. How ignorant these two girls are…do some research and also lose the word “like”.

  8. Dean

    Perhaps the Indian girl should pray to Karishwani, the Hindu God of Telling Preachy Strangers to Screw Off.

  9. sassy

    Methinks those Christian girls attended the Sarah Palin School of Geography.

  10. Ti-Guy

    Maybe part of the problem is that they have loads of useless “information” but precious little knowledge about the world around them.

    The latest On The Media podcast repeats a discussion it featured a while ago on various issues with respect to the “Information Age” and on whether we’re getting dumber or not. The producers of the show are fairly “techno-exuberant” but I don’t believe they truly grasp the significance of widespread public ignorance and, more acutely, irrationality, or believe it doesn’t matter.

    I’m not as worried about people not knowing things as much as I’m worried about people “knowing” things that simply aren’t true.

  11. I dunno. At PZ Myers’s, there’s a debate about whether it’s a spoof or not.

    I have no doubt there are people this deeply ignorant. But at the end, the comment about rice and the way the Indian girl calmly gets up and shakes the other two’s hands make me incline towards spoof.


  12. That thought crossed my mind too, but I’m not entirely convinced it isn’t genuine. If it is a parody however, it’s brilliantly executed.

  13. As a high-tech guy myself, I never think that machines (networks, etc.) actually have knowledge. They contain information entered by _someone_. The Internet is a communications tool, used to communicate anything; it has no opinion of its own.

    @Ti-Guy: thanks, I agree with you so often I don’t usually need to add anything 😉 The people who ‘know’ things that aren’t true are a bigger problem. Facts, reason and logic are ineffective and we need new tools to deal with these people, based on their emotions I expect.

  14. Sweet mother of pearl, are those girls stupid. Oh my, that poor Indian girl.

    And the example Sarra sets is why in 20 year, India will be a superpower and the US, what is left of it, will be a backwater, irrelevant.

    The old appeal to Pascal’s Wager seemed to fall right flat. Bunch of idiots.

  15. the thought of it being parody hadn’t crossed my mind. the “regular” girls seem so earnest though…

    as to their ignorance; maybe i’m just a nerd, but at their age i was drawing maps of the world for kicks. i guess geography isn’t on their home-schooling curriculum ;-).

    as for the ‘information age’, i agree with Ti, but would assume that anyone with a youtube account can probably google “India” and “Hinduism”.

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