Nothing “New” in the NDP


Quelle surprise! Turns out the much ballyhooed resolution that might have re-branded the party for some pointless reason was “held up by delegates, who took time asking a number of questions about other resolutions.”

Not to worry though… attendees wrapped up the party’s annual convention by urging delegates to “build a better world” for future Canadians.

Phew! Glad we got that contentious issue straightened out.

British Defend the NHS

Seems that those of us who value our healthcare system in Canada aren’t alone in being more than a little annoyed at the astonishingly reckless and blatantly erroneous mischaracterization of our system by cynical right-wing ideologues in the current fight over healthcare reform in the USA.

Clark makes a very insightful point that the criticisms transcend matters of policy insofar as they impugn the moral character of the nations the right-wing targets for its withering attacks. After all, at their root, are such assaults not, as Clark suggests, implicitly trashing the fundamental “integrity” of people that would make such callous life and death judgments that the health insurance industry and their political operatives have imaginatively fabricated in order to instill abject FEAR into their target demographic?

Update: Via the courtesy of Dr. Dawg in the comments, here’s a thoroughly delicious thrashing of Conservative EU MP Daniel Hannan’s recent appearance with opportunistic Fox “News” lunatic Glenn Beck (who, I might note just received a ringing endorsement from deranged Bloggin’ Tory wingnut “Dodo Can Spell” because… “He makes sense, every time and all the time.” — yeah, never mind the avalanche of contradictory “facts” there, Maria.)

And speaking of Glenn Beck, presented for your enjoyment…

The Burning Stupid

A teenage Christian girl and her “regular” friend attempt to convert their Indian friend who, unsurprisingly, happens to believe in the Hindu faith.

If you can stick it out to the bitter end (hard to do, I’ll admit), there are some important, albeit saddening, conclusions that can be drawn from this little exercise.

Teabag Takeover?

RedState Founder Erick Erickson at the RightOnline 2009 National Convention calling on teabag activists to stage a “coup” and seize control of the Republican Party from the bottom up.

Good luck with that.