Money for Nothing

The Stephen Harper Party’s “conservative” principles in action: pay hog farmers who win a “lottery” $75 million not to raise hogs for three years. Brilliant.

I’m sure there will be plenty of outrage from the Bloggin’ Tories about this meddlesome government interference in the so-called “free market” at taxpayers’ expense… Not.

Target Women: You’re Old!

Current TV’s Infomedia correspondent Sarah Haskins turned 30 this week, and promptly began to fall apart. Fortunately, modern medicine is here to help with her arthritis, incontinence, and bone loss… for now.

Haskins is one of the stand-outs on this excellent but obscure program (there are a few others, including the host Conor Knighton). She’d fit right in on CBS Sunday Morning or something like that.