Dems Should Abort Their Offspring

Here’s a rather, um, unique take on the abortion issue from a “conservative” in Charlottesville, VA.



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9 responses to “Dems Should Abort Their Offspring

  1. counter-coulter

    Typical conservative hypocrite; they’re all about the “sanctity of life” until that life doesn’t share their every view. Mustn’t kill fetus, but rather let it grow up so we can shoot it with our guns.

  2. dhydar

    Um…. the guy on the video is stating what logically follows from (hypothetical) Democrats’ philosophical position. Now, that stated hypothetical position might be *wrong*…. but that is a different thing from “hypocrisy”.

  3. sapphireandsteel

    Caution Hillbilly Alert!

  4. The Democrats have a “philosophical position”… Who knew?

  5. and who knew it was exclusive to democrats?


  6. “stating what logically follows”

    here, in the states, “logically” means something completely different….


  7. LOL Indeed.

    As in: “Here’s what I wildly extrapolate from what I imagine you may have said…”

  8. dhydar

    … but your claim was that he was *hypocritical* not that it was *stupid*.

    ‘course I made the assumption that you cared about the meaning of the words you were spouting. My bad.

    Carry on.

  9. sapphireandsteel

    I thought you were leaving, stupid.

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