Blame Canada!

How.. um, entirely typical.

From the same man who once dismissively slagged this country as “A Northern European welfare state in the worst sense of the term” — hardly a term of disparagement or opprobrium in my opinion, but I suppose it must be to those who slavishly worship at the altar of His Holiness the Blessed Ronald Reagan and St. Margaret Thatcher of the Apostolic Head Tax.

“Don’t Tread on Me!”

Hey wait a minute, I thought “conservatives” were opposed to legislation respecting so-called “hate crimes” and aren’t they for “tort reform” (or are they against?) and opposed to “defensive medicine.” Or do they support it, given it’s part of the status quo they’re bound and determined to preserve, godammit! I can never remember which. But in any case, isn’t this guy (who has no health insurance, it should be noted) litigating on a premise that a “hate crime” was perpetrated by eeeeevil union thugs, and suing for damages because of mysterious injuries to his “knee, back, elbow, shoulder and face.” (none of which are evident).

Bonus Hilarity: Ah yes, the old favourite… Maybe Gladney is a “democratic plant” — that evergreen canard just never gets tired, does it? … Especially as the wingnuts cautiously distance themselves from an obvious douchebag.

Working with the Grain

The unfortunately named Prof. Donald Nutbeam explains that while many oppose the global spread of companies like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, their widespread logistics and distribution network could actually be leveraged to improve global health.

Complete video of the panel discussion at Fora TV

Obama’s Rx: “Piecemeal & Ineffectual”

Dr. David Scheiner, the 70-year Chicago-based physician who treated Obama for more than 20 years, on Real Time discussing the benefits of a single-payer healthcare system.

Sam Stein at Huffington Post has a good write-up on Scheiner’s critique of his former patient’s reform plans. “His pragmatism is what is overwhelming him… I think he’s afraid that he can’t get anything through if he doesn’t go through this incredibly compromised program,” said Scheiner at a recent news conference in Washington.