America’s Got Stupid

Bill Maher justifies his recent comment on CNN that America is a “stupid country” (if in doubt, simply refer to this post earlier today or visit the comments section of Michelle Malkin’s website any old day of the week).

Not that I’m altogether keen on “nut-picking” but it’s impossibly hard to resist when dealing with the Malkinettes:

Time for all 50 (well 49 Hawaii wouldn’t dare turn it’s [sic] back on dear leader) States to delcare [sic] sovereignty or better yet offer up succession [sic] legislation!!!

Fish, a barrel, a smoking gun…

Bloggin’ Dodos: Next Stop… Oblivion!


It’s hard not to be somewhat amused by the deranged lunacy of Stephen Taylor’s newest and most energetic right-wing kook who leads off her spirited defense of ex-governor and failed VP candidate Sarah Palin with this boast:

Most of the comments I get never see the light of day because I am the mistress of my blog, the queen of my domain and the executioner of comments that are spiteful and nonsensical or simply those I do not like.

Really? A review of her past 20 posts indicates that she’s received a grand total of 3 comments; presumably the one’s she’s not executed for being disagreeable in some way or other — you know, being the dominatrix “queen of [her] domain” and all. Same deal with the previous 20 posts — a whopping 3 comments.

Good luck with that.