Tales of the “Right Track”

Healthcare Reform = “The Final Solution”

Nutty? Kooky? Crazed beyond belief? Well, of course… But hey, it’s the right-wing, after all. What on earth else did you expect?

These, I may remind you, are the very same thoughtful, sober and well-reasoned folks that Bloggin’ Tory head honcho, microbiologist, and wingnut welfare parasite Stephen Taylor claimed aren’t driven by their emotions and irrational passions — unlike those horrid, unhinged “liberal” moonbats are… Uh-huh.

I was actually pondering the notion of providing a run-down of “trending topics” on the BT aggregator to more vividly illustrate my contradictory point in this respect, but the exercise promised to be impossibly frustrating. Entered into corroborative evidence is the following illiterate, demented gibberish from Jabba the Roy, the BTs corpulent apologist, “mudfortunate” monarchist and resident reformatory HM PM knob-stroker:


Need I mention (or warn) you that the man is a practicing doctor? Yet somehow, he cannot even spell his own Dear Leader’s name correctly. And that’s without even beginning to make light of his woeful disappointment with the Conservative-created, fiscally reckless, pork-barrel stoked “defisict”

Good grief.

85% of British Columbians Oppose HST

Gee, these folks seem to be under the misapprehension that the B.C. “Liberals” (i.e., “Conservatives”) actually give two shits about what they think. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Fools!

Time to get out the old “Don’t blame me, I voted NDP” stickers (again).

More Astroturfing

It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so morally depraved.

Speaking of CPR front man Rick Scott, here’s the fraudster on the hot seat at CNN yesterday.

How exactly it happened is something of a mystery, but the affable goofball Rick Sanchez has evolved into one of the most reliably effective anchors on cable news these days.