CIGNA Whistleblower Speaks Out

Wendell Potter, the former head of public relations at CIGNA, one of America’s largest insurers, speaking to Bill Moyers last month in his first interview since leaving the industry.

Watch the entire interview at the PBS website here. Although Potter’s lengthy confessional wasn’t exactly a revelation to many observers, it’s nonetheless highly worthwhile as confirmation of what you suspected to be the awful truth about for-profit healthcare is based on facts, not just fabricated “horror stories” and hysterical paranoia.

So why anyone would want to help perpetuate the status quo in America while at the same time viciously slagging our own system — one that, while admittedly flawed in many respects, consistently delivers better medical outcomes at a lower cost — is entirely baffling to say the least. I guess it just goes to show what happens when rabid ideological zealotry trumps logic, evidence, and plain old common sense.


4 Replies to “CIGNA Whistleblower Speaks Out”

  1. Red, glad to see that Potter was on MSNBC. I’ll have to check it out. I don’t know why but I can’t access any of the YouTube vids from your site. Not sure if my DH did something on my PC. I’m most PC illiterate now. DH is responsible for multi servers, etc. & I, unfortunately, have not kept up on new technology. He was supposed to look into why I can’t play Utube from your site, but my desires are less than his. 🙂

  2. Odd. A friend of mine had a similar incompatibility problem a while back, but I’m not quite sure what the exact nature of it was. Got resolved eventually through the usual Windows updates.

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