Big Brother Wants to Follow You

I’m sure that we’ll be seeing lots of outrage about this from those fervid conservatives, defenders of individual civil liberties and privacy rights who populate the ranks of the Bloggin’ Tories, right?

No? Nobody… not even a single damn one of them? Gee, that’s kinda weird.

Oh wait… I forgot. It was introduced by the Harper Conservatives, so it’s A-OK. Nothing to worry about. No slippery slope here whatsoever. Absolutely nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan. Ever.

4 Replies to “Big Brother Wants to Follow You”

  1. Exactly! WTF is up with using child-porn freaks as the wedge to potentially allow for the surveillance of everyone and violation of their privacy? The authorities seem to use that lame excuse to justify all of these creepy surveillance measures allowing them to poke about in anyone’s private affairs without any oversight or accountability…

    So how many of these perverts are there in actuality? If child-porn is such a HUGE problem in Canada, let’s see the facts supporting what all the law-enforcement frenzy is about.

    I suspect it’s just a very convenient and highly manipulative way of extending the long arm of police enforcement through extra-judicial means and circumventing long-established traditions of individual liberty based on the presumption of innocence.

  2. I’d go and check with Chucker for the talking points on this… I’m going to extrapolate from the whole BQ are pro-human slavery, but I really am not sure I can stomach it.

  3. Ah yes… Here was “Chucker” back in 2007:

    This week, I have found a new cause that has gripped my attention: human trafficking. It is my goal, through this blog and other activities, to make human trafficking the top social priority for the government and for our Conservative Party.

    Two and a half years and a grand total of THREE posts later…

    In an independent Quebec run by Gilles Duceppe, the only way to protect your children from being raped is by making them commit a horrible crime. At least behind bars in a juvenile detention center, they would be protected.

    “Do not let this story die” Chucker pleads through the tag to his post.

    What a useless frickin’ douchebag.

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