No Phone, More Sex

Current TV: Filmmaker Stuart Kershaw rebels against the notion of being contactable 24hrs a day by going cold turkey from his insidious Blackberry. Stuart wants to prove that he can exist without technology for an entire week to his beleaguered girlfriend, his family and ultimately to himself.

I have to admit that I adore that title. As a completely unabashed hater of cell-phones and other such superficially alluring technological entrapments, it’s kind of amusing to think that there’s a connection between my somewhat archaic, semi-Luddite tendencies and the notion that eschewing such inane gadgets and technological doo-dads might appreciably enhance my sex-life. Which, I’m quite happy to report, there apparently is — so there! 🙂

Waiting for the Hate…

Should be interesting to see how the vitriolic right-wing loons will spin this story given so many of their obsessive objets de dégoût are included in the cast of characters: Al Gore, both Clintons, President Obama, et. al.

I can’t even begin to imagine how, but you know they’ll find a way to turn it into something ugly, tawdry and malicious. After all, it’s what they do.

Update: Ta-da! Sadly, right-wing douchebags ruin everything. Why? Well who really knows for sure…