Rubes Gone Wild!

It’s rather sad really how completely duped these witless pawns are being played by the private for-profit health insurance industry and the zealously fanatical right-wing ideologues that all too happily enable them. Maybe their tune will change should they unfortunately become one of the million Americans tragically driven into bankruptcy next year by a crushing avalanche of bills incurred as a result of fairly routine medical procedures…

But it’s not like these “spontaneous” grassroots movements are artificially contrived to assist powerful corporate interests in the protection of their egregiously lucrative price gouging schemes and callous profiteering that mercilessly sucks off the misery of those in genuine distress… Why, to think otherwise would suggest there might be a reprehensible level of cynicism, callous exploitation, and mean-spirited selfishness involved on the part of the relentless blood-sucking leeches gamely masquerading under the banners of “freedom” and entrepreneurial initiative — perish the thought!

More here on the efforts of right-wing extremists to disrupt any sensible discussion about health-care reform.

As a related aside, on The Daily Show last night there was a wonderful deconstruction of what Jon Stewart aptly called the evolutionary “Crank Cycle” abetted by the media — from the initial planting of the seed of right-wing talking points by Steve Ducey on the Fox & Friends morning program, to its almost verbatim reiteration by an irate “crank” at a subsequent town hall meeting, to the reporting of the furious outburst as “news” by… none other than Steve Ducey on Fox & Friends, followed by sober “analysis” from some academic-looking “expert” suggesting it was an expression of grassroots discontent. And so the Mighty Wurlitzer (aka “Right Wing Noise Machine”) goes…



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12 responses to “Rubes Gone Wild!

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  2. sapphireandsteel

    Old crowd. You have to wonder how much of that geriatric mob will be around for the next election if they keep getting that angry on a regular basis.

  3. foottothefire

    Meanwhile the larger problem for Canadians is the growth of ‘private’ health care in this country. We need all voices aimed at preserving what we have and that could very well begin with boycotts of major news networks who pander to governments like Conservative Alberta by SUPPRESSING news.

  4. Maybe something good can come out of the current “debate” over healthcare in the U.S. if we were to have a forthright discussion about ways to improve our own system. We should be looking at other models to see if we can also make adjustments that will cut costs and improve outcomes. If that involves some more private sector participation in certain areas, it shouldn’t be ruled out on principle.

  5. Moebius

    “If that involves some more private sector participation in certain areas, it shouldn’t be ruled out on principle.”

    Good Lord, are you mad?

    Are you sure these thoughts are “Liblog”-approved?

  6. Last time I checked, my MP (Keith Martin-Lib, Esquimalt-Juan De Fuca) held the same opinion.

  7. Moebius

    One of the better MP’s, IMO.

    I got stuck with the non-committal Speaker of the House. No opinions on anything in the riding, or during elections, except that he likes the SOH job, and might run again, as long as he can continue doing it.

  8. I’ve never quite grasped how the SOH reconciles that role with being an MP representing the views of constituents.

  9. I saw 2 hours last night with Keith and Rachel last night on MSNBC, and it was virtually all about those ultra right wing extremists, one woman driving me nuts holding a red bible would make one sick seeing what they are trying to do..also doing it to the climate change.bill…sounds like something they would do here..(if they aren’t already)

  10. I was just at BlogHer in Chicago and honestly, after all the horror stories I heard from Americans about the long waits for doctors and in ER waiting rooms and the horrible endless denials of claims, and denials of treatment——

    I will never ever ever moan about paying taxes or what I get in return.

    I met women who spend hours on the phone to faceless insurance companies begging for life saving treatment, begging for drugs or homecare or just to be allowed to see a doctor.

    We don’t ever hear those stories up here, and maybe it’s about bloody time.

    We also have the bizarre notion that every American gets every service in every tiny corner of the country. And really, they have as many problems as we do with rural medical care. Reality is that MRIs and surgeries can’t be done in rural areas because Docs need a high volume of procedures to stay competent, and if someone is cutting me open, I want to know that they regularly do the operation, and it’s not just once every six months.

    Yet, people who live outside of large cities get pissed off if they have to travel for anything major. IN BOTH COUNTRIES. They all want service outside their door, and it had better be the top experts, but that’s not possible, regardless of how the payment system is structured.

    We think the Americans have it made, quite a joke IMO. And because we are so self-effacing, we can’t stand to praise our own damn health system. Instead we just keep putting ourselves down.


  11. Martin

    Jesus Christ.
    I haven’t watched US news for years. Now watching some of the “debate” on health care (and also the birther/tea-bagger weirdos) has really shocked me. What the Hell has happened to US media? How can you take any of them seriously? Anchors used to be all about disinterested gravitas, which has always been stylistically weird, but at least used to give the impression that they were a) smarter than you, b) knew something you didn’t, c) weren’t likely to be full of it.
    Now it seems all of them are by turns slightly folksy, sarcastic, chuckly, outraged, and spiteful.

    Urgh. I watched Dobbs the other night, interviewing some commentator or other about health care. It was full of inside, elbow-ribbing comments to the effect of “Haha! do you think those politicians will ever GET it?” “Good thing there’s guys like us to see through all this crap!” It was more like watching two salesmen drinking in a hotel lounge, reinforcing each other’s best hopes for the outcome of the day’s meetings.

    The interview with Orly the Loon/Dentist/Estate Agent/Lawyer, while showing her to be the nutcase she is, was more like the anchors making fun of this obviously deranged woman. I’m not suggesting that anyone take her seriously (or put her on TV), but it was hard to take the anchors seriously either. You CAN interview a nutcase and make it clear to the audience that you know she is a nutcase, while retaining your own dignity. Perhaps that sort of subtlety is lost on Americans.

    Olbermann’s piece, although someone has got to point out the astroturfing going on, was really nothing other than bald assertions. Used to be that intrepid reporters would have “uncovered evidence” that interested organizations were behind such rallies. We’d see all kinds of hidden camera footage and interviews with reporters who’d pieced together the story from sources/documents/observation. Now Olbermann can just tell us that most of the protesters probably were from outside the district. Sure, I’ll bite, but how do you know that? His presentation is as full of faux outrage (even when real outrage would seem appropriate) as Dobbs or any of the other nutjobs.

    I do like watching Colbert/Stewart/Maddow/Maher, but when did comedy shows become the most reliable source of news or commentary? Sometimes hilarious, yes, but perhaps we shouldn’t be laughing quite so much?

    Am I completely wrong? Is this just the cable channels? Are Dobbs and Olbermann (and everyone on Fox) really comedy shows too? Did I miss a wink somewhere?

    Argh. The sendup of WaPo was excellent. Sad, but excellent. Thanks for the vids.

  12. Yeah, but they wouldn’t want to do anything European now would they?

    I thought this comparison with the Danish healthcare system on Lou Dobbs the other night was quite interesting:

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