Bad to the Bone: “Neo” Explained

Ha! By quite inadvertent means, I may finally have discerned the inner character (if not the actual identity) of one of the Bloggin’ Tories’ more prolifically demented psychopaths; namely, the obsessive crime-watcher and hypocritically gutless coward who routinely coughs up snide, racist phlegm several times a day on Stephen Taylor’s Conservative Party aggregator under the inexplicably weird and pretentious nom de guerre “Neo-Conservative”…

So any time you may unfortunately happen to stumble across one of the vacuous, more-often-than-not deeply stupid posts this moronic twat has ripped from police blotters across the nation and around the globe via the most execrable gutters of the “mainstream media” — presumably for your prurient, expectantly low-brow titillation — consider that the retailer of these existential turds is quite possibly not altogether dissimilar in nature to a certain corpulent, morally vacant character in South Park who nonetheless demands you “RESPECT HIS AUTHORITAHHHH!”

Rubes Gone Wild!

It’s rather sad really how completely duped these witless pawns are being played by the private for-profit health insurance industry and the zealously fanatical right-wing ideologues that all too happily enable them. Maybe their tune will change should they unfortunately become one of the million Americans tragically driven into bankruptcy next year by a crushing avalanche of bills incurred as a result of fairly routine medical procedures…

But it’s not like these “spontaneous” grassroots movements are artificially contrived to assist powerful corporate interests in the protection of their egregiously lucrative price gouging schemes and callous profiteering that mercilessly sucks off the misery of those in genuine distress… Why, to think otherwise would suggest there might be a reprehensible level of cynicism, callous exploitation, and mean-spirited selfishness involved on the part of the relentless blood-sucking leeches gamely masquerading under the banners of “freedom” and entrepreneurial initiative — perish the thought!

More here on the efforts of right-wing extremists to disrupt any sensible discussion about health-care reform.

As a related aside, on The Daily Show last night there was a wonderful deconstruction of what Jon Stewart aptly called the evolutionary “Crank Cycle” abetted by the media — from the initial planting of the seed of right-wing talking points by Steve Ducey on the Fox & Friends morning program, to its almost verbatim reiteration by an irate “crank” at a subsequent town hall meeting, to the reporting of the furious outburst as “news” by… none other than Steve Ducey on Fox & Friends, followed by sober “analysis” from some academic-looking “expert” suggesting it was an expression of grassroots discontent. And so the Mighty Wurlitzer (aka “Right Wing Noise Machine”) goes…

Looney Tune Theatre

MSNBC’s David Shuster and Tamron Hall attempting with no success to obtain straight answers to their questions from wingnut crusader Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.

Good grief, even Ann Coulter — hardly ever the voice of reason — thinks these folks are nothing but deranged “cranks” (to use her description).

As mentioned previously (here or elsewhere, I can’t remember), it’s difficult not to suspect that the Obama White House takes some amount of delight from the nuttiness of the “birthers” and is therefore reluctant to do anything that might definitively exterminate the movement, given that it quite effectively poisons the well for hard-line “conservative” ideologues who find these paranoid crazies stuck to them like nettles on Velcro®. The same could also be said of other hysterical whackaloons advancing a vast number of other kooky conspiracy theories involving ACORN, FEMA detention camps, extermination of the elderly, and so on.

Update: Uh-oh! Seems there are a few teensy-weensy problems with the Kenyan birth certificate uncovered by the Oily Taint & Co. Not that pesky, reality-based “facts” will deter them from their ludicrous assertions, of course.

The Future of the Washington Post

Two dudes and a webcam.

From Andy Cobb: “[T]his seems to be the new WaPo online model: web video commentary that’s kind of Colbert/Daily Show-ish. Just without the writing, delivery, production values, insights, comic point-of-view, characters, locations, guests, jokes, or segments. But otherwise, it’s pretty much the same deal.” Read the full commentary here.

Just to give you a point of reference, here’s Milbank and Cillizza’s latest offering of their dreadfully unfunny Mouthpiece Theatre.

Presumably, this is what passes for droll commentary and “trenchant wit” at the WaPo these days.