A Vancouver Day in 60 Seconds

Nice time-lapse from this past weekend, complete with lightning and fireworks.

Good grief, another blistering hot stretch of days ahead…

In other news, it was a little cooler than usual in Minnesota over the last couple of weeks, so global warming is clearly a totally bogus hoax. I believe there may be an errant or poorly situated temperature gauge in Delisle, SK that also “proves” beyond any reasonable doubt whatsoever that AGW is nothing but a nefarious Communist wealth-redistribution scheme of planetary scope…

18 Replies to “A Vancouver Day in 60 Seconds”

  1. It’s 39 in Kamloops at 3:30 PM. We just got back from swimmin’ in the river. Very refreshing!

    Thunder boomers are lurking north of us, but we seem protected in the little private valley community I live in. 🙂

  2. Wow. It’s only about 30C here right now, but with no A/C (or pool)… Urgh. Looking forward to when the sun goes down. (Damn sun!!!)

  3. Thanks for the vid RT.. this is the first year I haven’t been back in Vancouver for a summer trip for some time.. suddenly I’m in withdrawal from wings and calamari washed down with a Killer Whale Ale at the Boathouse.

    Damn you.

    But – on the good side, it’s nice to see you’ve finally seen the light regarding this whole “nefarious Communist wealth-redistribution scheme of planetary scope”..

  4. On the other hand, we’re lucky if it gets above 23c here in southern Ontario. For us, it’s been unseasonably cool. Only had the a/c on for 1 or 2 days – and, that was back in May!

    The farmers are getting worried, too. Some areas have had tonnes of rain, and with the coolish temps, crops are a bit behind.

    So, we’re experiencing our own version of cliemte change. Or, is it el Nino?

  5. Pffft…figures the pinheads at Powerline are using our currently cooler than “average” weather as proof of the great global warming hoax. Personally, I’ll take it over a typically hot day with high humidity. On the other hand, this cooler weather hasn’t helped with our current drought condition.

  6. Actually, I think the “average” temps over the past few months aren’t even all that much off the mark (maybe a little sub-par), but never let pesky “facts” get in the way of a good argument.

  7. The U.S. just released arctic icepack photos that look bad. I doubt there is much we’ll do to reverse GW in the near future.

  8. Had to leave Vancouver in late May. Got rained on in Ontario for 6 weeks. Thankfully back to Van-California ….
    I love this weather – you don’t know what ugh is until you’ve lived through a humid Toronto summer.

    loved the vid, thanks

  9. NPoV — I lived in Windsor for six years, so I know “Urgh” (as in sweat, humidity, toxic smog, etc.) big time. But hey, we all get attuned to the relative conditions of our environment…

  10. Spoke with an old pol friend from Ottawa today and he moaned about the cool and damp summer. I guess he forgot about the usual sweltering and suffocating humid conditions.

    I spent 2-hrs. this afternoon in the saltchuck near Qualicum. The water almost felt tropical, far warmer than any mountain-fed lake to be sure. This evening it’s just bloody hot. Back to the beach tomorrow for more hydro-therapy.

  11. Sounds great. I just love that beach. When the sea water is lapping over the hot sand flats this time of year it does indeed feel almost tropical.

    Unfortunately, the closest I’m going to come to any “hydrotherapy” here is the hose outside the back door… not that it isn’t delightful on a hot, humid day to get soaked and then enjoy whatever passing breeze may be around.

  12. I’m enjoying the Newfoundland summer here in Toronto. I’ve even seen a few trees taking off for the year a little early, red leaves and all.

    My understanding is that we are out of El Nina and not quite into El Nino. That would seem to indicate that what you are feeling now is “normal”. Much cooler and damper. Combine it with our new milder winters and it seems Toronto and area at least are getting some resemblance of whats been predicted.

    What most deniers forget is we have a winter too. They automatically say its a cold summer so no climate change, completely disregarding the fact it may have been an average -10 instead of -13. No one notices those differences when bundled up.

  13. burpster – I will be in Kamloops in ~ 15 hours. Grew up there, so I know how hot it can get. Bring on the heat. My pathetic coastal temperaments have made me weak. I was up there last week and it kicked me in the face.

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