Tales of the Silly Season

No Vacation from Teh Stupid … Ever.

Undeterred by a complete lack of wit, levity or any innate comic facility whatsoever, Bloggin’ Tory co-founder and aspiring partisan hack Stephen Taylor nonetheless crudely soldiers on with a mirthless exercise that might best be described as the “enhanced interrogation” of something bearing slight resemblance to a “joke” (or so one generously presumes).

Being the type who would have his own passport stamped in the country of its issuance, Michael Ignatieff has been rumoured to be clearing customs at other ports of entry. Michael Ignatieff updated his twitter on July 17th and 18th to suggest that he’s been in Ottawa, at least recently, but many observers have noted that he hasn’t even been spotted on the hamburger circuit pressing the flesh with us regular folk besides his $40 a head, no hat, no cattle pancake breakfast fundraiser during Stampede. Instead of beating a party-building path flipping burgers and chewing the fat with the locals coast-to-coast, Ignatieff has been spotted in London giving a lecture on Liberalism and “tough times” to his friends who attended the Isaiah Berlin Lecture. This shouldn’t be so easily dismissed; this is a rare piece of work where the Liberal leader has mused openly about the economy, yet is characteristically light on what to do about it. His office has denied it, but besides London, Dr. Ignatieff has also been rumoured to be stimulating the economy in Provence, France, where his family has owned a villa for decades.

Are you still sensible after slogging through that unctuous pile of tripe? If so, we’ll attempt to address the core of Mr. Taylor’s facetious question quite simply with the following:

That actually came across the virtual transom just last night from Team Iggy.

To be honest, the video provoked little more than a cynical shrug from me at the time, but now serves a purpose here, I guess; for no other than being made vaguely aware of what “Dr. Ignatieff” has been up to in the past few days. Not that we were especially concerned about the matter one way or the other in the least bit, of course.

By the way, don’t you love the way Taylor snuck that “Dr.” appellation in there to cunningly imply that the Liberal leader is some kind of a despicable egghead? I’m sure Harper’s mentor Dr. Flanagan or even the esteemed Dr. Layton might both find that particular line of attack rather amusing.

Other cultural provocations such as the snide reference to a summer home in Provence that are sprinkled throughout Taylor’s post are similarly ham-fisted; indicative perhaps of some profound insecurity, resentfulness, or small-minded parochialism on the part of the writer.

h/t: CC (who wisely suggests that Mr. Taylor avoid any future attempts at humour).

10 Replies to “Tales of the Silly Season”

  1. Amazing how fast “Canadians don’t want a summer elections” becomes “Why isn’t the good doctor campaigning?”

  2. Good point.

    When I got that video last night, I sort of groaned, rolled my eyes, and wondered why he didn’t just knock off for a month or so instead of campaigning. So, it was quite the opposite sentiment of actually wanting politicians to be out and about looking “busy” and pretending to connect with their constituents… fundraising, laying wreaths, or whatever. If you’re not doing anything constructive in parliament then go do something creative, refreshing or mentally stimulating. Come back in the fall with some fresh ideas and a vigorous attitude. I think we can all survive quite adequately until then without all this dreary, tiresome electioneering during the off-season.

  3. I love how the rubes buy into the pretence of this prissy little frat boy “scientist” from Kingston, Ontario of displaying solidarity with the “common folk.”

    Gosh, you’re so authentic, Taylor.

    He needs a thrashing.

  4. So, I guess it’s best not to encourage your kids to get an education, get degrees because it would be horrible to be an egghead and do well.

  5. Something like that, I guess; but I’m not quite sure what the message is. You could try getting Taylor to elaborate on it, but I doubt that would bear much fruit. These sleazy wankers very rarely explain the precise nature of their acrimony.

  6. These sleazy wankers very rarely explain the precise nature of their acrimony.

    That’s because they know they’re arguing in bad faith.

    If you were to accuse Taylor of that on his blog, the silence would be deafening. Mostly because that wouldn’t make it through moderation. The only dissent he seems to be permitting these days are Liberals wasting their time correcting factual inaccuracies, which he doesn’t care about at all. None of them do.

  7. Ti-Guy — Bingo. And how sad is that?

    This is what consistently disappoints me about the so-called “discourse” on political blogs — especially Canadian ones, and more specifically those of a right-wing inclination.

    I won’t trot out my familiar litany of complaints about “moderation” (aka censorship) and other such devious/gutless means of stifling reasonable dissent, but it’s discouraging to say the least.

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