The Awful Truth

Here’s an idea… Why don’t some prog/libs follow the same methodology as PJM’s Steven Crowder in order to put the American system to the test by way of a “fair” comparison with our system of “socialized medicine” (a stupidly misleading term if if there was one).

Step 1: Travel to a small town or the “disadvantaged” part of a big city.

Step 2: Find a local clinic. Ideally, look for the most obscure facility available, perhaps one located in a shabby strip mall. Ensure that you visit on a Sunday or whenever the clinic is closed for business (presuming its handful of beleaguered staff don’t work 24/7).

Step 3: Having struck out at the clinic — just as planned — then scurry off to the nearest private hospital emergency room (even though it may be in another county many miles away) complaining of some vague ailment (numbness in your fingertips after experiencing a sports injury, for example — anything kind of complicated to diagnose and not “super urgent” or obvious in nature will do).

Step 4: Ensure you act like an obnoxious jerk while in the ER waiting room. Ask if you can play with their rubber gloves to make balloon animals or have some tongue depressors for a craft project. Be sure to whine a lot and groan with exasperation the entire time.

Step 5: After however long your wait-time is (feel free to make up the supposed duration), storm out of the hospital in frustration and blather on about some ludicrous anecdotal stories you’ve invented regarding how long other people (not filmed of course) waited in the ER for treatment. Be sure to make their complaint as trivial as possible and their wait time totally absurd; like say, nine hours for a penicillin shot.

Step 6: Find a disgruntled relative of an ex-patient of the hospital who will happily recount their family member’s “horror story” to you while selectively omitting relevant facts or details about the person’s medical condition or circumstances. Remember, the sketchier the scenario, the more the viewer’s imagination can run wild… And this isn’t court you know — it’s perfectly okay to “lead the witness.”

Step 7: Locate some homeless people and start expounding on the income disparity in America, linking this up to the evils of laissez-faire capitalism. Maybe juxtapose this with a segment filmed outside the most expensive eatery in town to make your point with dramatic effect. Throw in some shots of horribly obese people (not hard to find) for no particular reason. Bonus: Find some people with “pre-existing conditions” that were denied coverage and went bankrupt and/or were involved in years of litigation with their healthcare insurance provider.

Step 8: Go back to the clinic (when it’s open this time) and ask for a blood test. Not because you need one or because it’s been called for by a physician for some legitimate reason, but just because you want to find out something on a whim. Remember to tell them that you don’t have a family doctor and may not even be insured. Alternatively, tell them that you’re in arrears with your insurance provider since losing/changing your job. Be sure to ask about their obligatory “financial assistance” plan…

Step 9: See what happens! Have fun with it… and above all, be creative. Oh, and don’t forget to keep all of your receipts!

Only in this way can people learn the “TRUTH” about the American healthcare system (aka “BushCare”).

“The Edge of Catastrophe”

It used to be that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was widely regarded (at least by the mainstream media) as “the man of ideas” in the Republican Party. Now though, it seems he’s been reduced to reckless fear-mongering about imaginary future threats — a sad decline into paranoid madness which perhaps indicates how truly bereft so-called “conservatives” are of actual ideas or any practical solutions to the vexing problems of the world these days.

Can anyone but the most deranged crackpots on the edge of their own catastrophic mental breakdowns seriously think that the harebrained “national security” schemes of this pompous muttonhead deserve any legitimate consideration as matters of policy?

F22 R.I.P.

About time. Which isn’t to say of course that the “military-industrial-congressional complex” (to use John McCain’s variation on Ike’s famous expression) won’t reassert its prerogatives in the House.

As Barney Frank points out, it’s quite an amusing contradiction how the very same people that decry government intervention in the economy enthusiastically support the idea of utilizing the Pentagon’s massive budget to provide economic stimulus. Of course, the same could be said in the reverse when it comes to those eager to cut military spending. One could argue that the actual “utility” of military weapons is beside the point. At the end of the day however, it is something of a zero-sum game.