“Tough Words”

That’s the understated way in which Michelle Malkin described recent comments of Fox News “strategic analyst” Lt. Col. Ralph Peters about Pvt. Bowe Bergdahl, the American soldier captured by the Taliban.

After first stating that “we must wait until all of the facts are in to make the final judgment,” Peters then went on to call Bergdahl “an apparent deserter” (based on little more than that “nobody in the military that I’ve heard is defending this guy”), accused him of “collaborating with the enemy” and stated definitively that “we know this private is a liar.” He added that “the media… should not portray this guy as a hero” and suggested that if he is indeed a deserter, “the Taliban can save us a lot of legal hassle and legal bills” (presumably implying he’d be quite happy if they simply executed him).

As Lt. Paul Rieckhoff said on the Rachel Maddow Show, maybe Peters just “needs to shut his mouth.”

Interestingly, for whatever reason, Malkin’s website seems to be down this morning (“Error establishing a database connection”), however a copy of her post can be seen here (I bet the comments were pretty interesting…)

Update: Evidently, Malkin had some server issues this morning. So, here’s the link for the post in question. As expected, many of the comments are, as David pointed out “strangely hateful and full of rampant, idiotic speculation. And lots of blame for Obama.”